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Manifest Season 4 On Netflix: Manifesting More Episodes

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BY August 21, 2021

Well, it looks like the news that Manifest is canceled may be grossly exaggerated. Yes, it seemed like a done deal. However, as with other canceled shows, with cancellation came rumblings about the show being picked up somewhere else. As the first two seasons are on Netflix, that seemed like the most likely contender. And now, it seems even likelier. Netflix is reportedly in negotiations with the cast and the writers to make Manifest season 4.

Manifest Season 4 Talks Spurred By Ratings Boost

manifest season 4 image via Warner Bros TV

As I mentioned in that post about Manifest‘s cancellation, the news came at an ironic time. Namely, it came when the show was dominating the viewing chart at Netflix. It appears the streamer noticed, though, because they’re now in the middle of talks with Warner Bros TV, according to Deadline. That’s further, irony, though, because Netflix already passed on the show in June. At that point, WBTV, the studio home of the show, believed the show was as good as dead.

Perhaps it’s because of the #SaveManifest campaign that fans launched. Maybe it’s because even two months later, Manifest continues to kick around the Netflix top 10 list. At the time of this writing, for instance, it’s number 8 in TV shows. In fact, when I visited the website to check, it was the banner show. (You know, the one with the giant image that starts autoplaying the trailer when you start the app or visit the site.)

Actually, Deadline attributes the turnaround to both of those factors. As they point out, “Manifest logged four consecutive finishes atop the Nielsen weekly streaming ratings and a record six-week streak of more than 1 billion minutes viewed.” (Nielsen itself reports that folks have watched over 2.5 billion minutes of the show, btw.) So I guess Netflix heard a calling and it turned out to be a lot of people watching the show.

Season 4 Still Not a Sure Thing, Though

Moving a show from a network to Netflix is no easy task, though. And with this show, there’s already some baggage in the form of complicated international distribution rights. So right now, everything is still in the negotiating stage. Netflix is in talks with Warner Bros TV, for example. At the same time, WBTV is talking to the cast and writers. Incidentally, they’re talking to both existing show writers and prospective new ones.

Deadline reports, however, that these talks are “in the home stretch,” so there’s some good news. There is also support from cast members, as star Josh Dallas tweeted the article without comment. Melissa Roxburgh, who plays Michaela Stone, the most important character, especially when we’re ranking by sweaters, also shared the news.

What do you think about a possible Manifest season 4? Tell us on our social media, in these comments, or wherever good sweaters are sold.

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