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Lucifer Season 6 Deal Could Be Threatened by Contract Disputes

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BY April 18, 2020
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Fans of Lucifer were ecstatic earlier this year when news of a sixth season started swirling around. However, the Fox-turned-Netflix series that follows the devil himself could be on fire as contract disputes threaten the future of the show. Netflix took over the series after its third season, renewing the show up until the end of season 5. This was originally meant to be the end until cast members finalized deals for a potential season 6. Unfortunately, sources have recently reported that the deal for Lucifer season 6 may be threatened by a contract dispute with star Tom Ellis.

Lucifer Season 6 Future At A Standstill

Most of the stars of Lucifer have deals that will already run until the end of the sixth season. Tom Ellis, the face of the show and Lucifer himself, however, only recently finalized his season 6 deal. While he may have a deal in place, he is reportedly unhappy with offers from the studio, rejecting the latest offer. Netflix and Warner Bros. Television reps have yet to comment on a potential standstill.

Lucifer fans have always been very vocal about the love for the show. They ran a #SaveLucifer campaign after the original Fox cancellation, saving the series. So, now that news of its potential end have started coming in, they’re taking to Twitter again to express their feelings about the current contract disputes. Many fans are taking the side of Tom Ellis. They know that the show cannot go on without him and are begging the production company to offer whatever it takes to get him to stay on.

We’ve seen Lucifer be saved by fans before. Online petitions and campaigns have saved plenty of shows in the past. Though, these are usually a way of reminding studios that their show is worth saving. Will fans be able to convince studios to do whatever it takes to make sure that the deal for season 6 of Lucifer happens? Only time will tell.

Lucifer fans, how do you feel about the future of the show? Are you eagerly awaiting the fifth season along with the rest of us? Let us know your thoughts!

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