Netflix Introduces The Lucifer Season 5 Trailer And A New Angelic Brother
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Lucifer Season 5 Trailer Released By Netflix, Introduces A New Family Member

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BY March 24, 2022

After a long wait for fans of Lucifer on Netflix, the trailer for season 5 comes on the heels of the announcement of their release date and renewal. When Lucifer debuted on Netflix after being canceled by Fox, the storytellers, actors, and fans all worried it would be a one-shot deal. However, thanks to a massive and consistent fan response on social media, this series went on a journey. Netflix renewed the show for a final season, then extended the series order. After contract talks with Tom Ellis stalled, they ultimately renewed the show for a sixth and final (for real this time?) season. That might seem like enough real-world drama to tide over the fans, but now that the Lucifer season 5 trailer debuted, they are as hungry for the next chapter as ever.

This version of the Lucifer character has a history in comics, which is why he showed up in the Crisis On Infinite Earths crossover. However, the story of a crime-solving devil ventures far from the source material. In the comics, Lucifer’s family plays an important role but the series makes it more intimate. Instead of dealing with cosmic consequences, the celestial clashes are deeply personal. So, that’s why the big reveal in this trailer is so exciting.

It’s also unclear how many episodes the trailer covers. We are only getting eight episodes when the series debuts on August 21, 2020. This means that second half of season 5 will come later, with possibly the final episodes being rewritten to accommodate another season. Still, despite the wait for the rest of the season, fans will likely get double the Tom Ellis for their Netflix subscription dollars.

Spoilers for Season 4 to follow.

What the Lucifer Season 5 Trailer Reveals About the Story

Lucifer Season 5 Lauren German Detective Chloe Decker Ladies Night Look Image via Netflix

Fans of angel lore know that the two most powerful celestials are Samael, who eventually becomes Lucifer, and Michael. Mentioned by name in the second season of Lucifer, the whereabouts of the warrior angel are not known. Yet, he’s finally introduced to the Luciverse, as Mr. Morningstar’s twin brother. At the end of season 4, Lucifer and Lauren German’s Chloe are finally on the same page as partners, both professionally and romantically. However, the devil has to go back to Hell to rule the unruly demons. Yet, the trailer shows us that he returns just as Chloe needs him the most. Only, it’s not actually him, it’s Michael.

Tom Ellis drops into his American accent and reveals that he’s Michael, after Lesley-Ann Brandt’s Mazikeen kicks his ass a little. So, we can’t be sure when we’re seeing Michael or Lucifer when Ellis is on screen. What we do know is that Michael is making a huge mess of Lucifer’s Earthly life in his absence. Eventually, the two brothers face-off and we’re off to the celestial races.

So, here’s what we can suss from the trailer. Michael moves and behaves differently than his brother, so Lucifer’s friends recognize this. Also, he seems to have black wings whereas Lucifer’s are bright white. Either Lucifer or Michael finally has a love scene with Chloe, but if it’s Michael that opens up a whole lot of problematic doors. D.B. Woodside’s Amenadiel is fooled at first but eventually comes to blows with Michael. He also has a much different fashion sense than Lucifer.

The first eight episodes of Lucifer season 5 premieres on Netflix on August 21, 2020.

What are you most excited about in the Lucifer season 5 trailer? Drop your theories or guesses about where they’ll take the story in the comments below. (Also, I have a feeling people who care about such things have, uh, feelings about Chloe’s new bangs.)

Featured image via Netflix

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