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LotR: The Rings Of Power – New Trailer Revealed!

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BY October 14, 2022

LotR: The Rings Of Power is easily one of the most hyped and mysterious upcoming releases. It’s a prequel to the famous trilogy. But, no one has a clear idea of what it’ll cover. So far, we know it’s mainly about Sauron’s rise.

So far, we’ve only gotten a few Lord of the Rings orc photos to quench the thirst. Fortunately, we have the upcoming Gollum-centered title while we wait.

Well, as GameSpot reports, the series just got a new trailer. It reveals more about the upcoming story of the Second Age. It’s a three-minute-long video that features battles, scenery, and characters.

So, what can we see in the trailer?

New trailer released at San Diego Comic-Con

The series debuts on the 2nd of September on Amazon Prime. The trailer seems to reuse some footage from the other teasers. But, it adds a lot of new content and reveals to the table.

As you might expect, we can see more of Galadriel. The trailer shows more scenes of her younger years. And, it tackles her fear of reaching the end of the Second Age’s prosperity.

The trailer also goes into a darker side of the show. It shows how the tides are turning for Middle-Earth. For instance, it focuses a lot more on the orcs than before. It showcases its use of practical effects for the monsters.

So, it carries on the spirit of the Peter Jackson trilogy.

The trailer also shows a new version of the famous Balrog. It’s a quick glimpse at the end. But, it suggests that the creature might play a large role in the series.

What we can see in the new LotR: The Rings Of Power trailer

The trailer features Galadriel’s voice-over. She reminisces about a seeming final battle for the elves. We can see her placing a helm on a huge pile over a wasteland background.

During the trailer, she keeps talking about the end of the war. It seems that the elves were expecting a period of lasting peace. And, she also talks about the hope of “their light never dimming:”

Yet, the trailer makes sure to cut that hopeful feeling quickly. The trailer cuts to a mysterious meteor flying through the sky. After a few scenes, Galadriel states that “Evil doesn’t sleep.”

Then, the trailer starts showing more harrowing scenes. We can see wastelands, a burning village, and a dark fortress. We can see a creepy man talking about Sauron as well. Then, we see a sneak peek at something with long and spiky fingers.

It somewhat resembles Sauron’s black armor in Jackson’s films.

Finally, the trailer dives into straight warfare. We can see dwarves, charging horses, and more of Galadriel leading her forces. And, we also get a quick cut to a pale figure that could be Annatar.

Of course, the trailer closes with a black screen as the Balrog emerges. And, it looks just like Jackson’s version.

The mystery behind The Rings Of Power

LotR: The Rings Of Power has been intriguing since the first teaser. No one really knows what to expect from the show. And, it dives into one of the strangest sides of Tolkien’s works.

Its characters do have stories. But, they’re far from developed, such as Frodo. It’ll feature characters we don’t really know. Also, that’s true even for those who read the original books.

Definitely, the series will tackle the Tolkien mythos that escaped the two trilogies. Plus, this trailer sheds more light on what we can expect.

But, we’ll have to wait till it’s airing to see what the show will offer.

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