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Lost In Space Season 2 Trailer Builds On The Netflix Remake

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BY May 20, 2022

One of Netflix’s original series didn’t take too big a splash when it released, but the Lost In Space Season 2 trailer looks to change all of that. The latest trailer showcases the continuation of the story from season 1 taking the family into a brand new journey; quite literally. 

The Original Lost In Space 

One of the first ever popular science fiction series was the Lost In Space TV series from 1969. The show updated the Swiss Family Robinson tale for the modern era. The story saw a nuclear family go on a space mission, then up stranded on a strange planet, having adventures that they didn’t really account for. 

Lost In Space original cast. Image via CBS Television

The series featured the typical mom, dad, two sisters, and a younger brother. Along with them on the journey was a co-polit and a stowaway known as Dr. Smith, who had his own nefarious reasons for being on the trip. Not to mention a Robot helper that bonded with the young son, creating one of pop culture’s most famous warnings: “Danger, Will Robinson!” Together, they embarked on various adventures during their time stranded together. All the while trying to find their way home, with varying degrees of success. 

Lost In Space Series Rebooted Once Before

Season 1 of the Lost In Space series is not the first time that there was a reboot of the franchise. There was an attempt to bring the show back in movie form in 1998. The movie even starred some of the biggest stars at the time, not that that helped at all. 

Lost In Space movie poster Image via New Line Cinema

Lost In Space starred William Hurt as the dad, Heather Graham as the older sister, Lacey Chabert as the younger sister and Jack Johnson as the son. The film also saw Friend’s own Matt LeBlanc in one of his earliest attempts to parley the popularity of his TV show into becoming a movie star. The cast rounded off with (now) Oscar-winning Gary Oldman as the evil Dr. Smith, in one of Oldman’s more… animated performances. 

The film failed to excite audiences and was a critical and commercial bomb with a 28% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Netflix’s Lost In Space Season 1 Reboots The Original Again

So the reboot of the original Lost In Space once again seemed a little surprising. My hesitation was quickly reaffirmed by the first 2 episodes of the new Netflix series, as it turned out just how I imagined; lackluster, shaky performances, and conflict that felt forced. 

But I stuck with it, and thank goodness! Netflix’s Lost In Space Season 1 is actually pretty great! The family dynamics dramatically improve once the characters develop further. The new series creates a very interesting and progressive family with diverse and interesting characters. 

Lost In Space Season 1 poster. Image via Netflix

The show opens with turmoil between the mom and dad. John (Toby Stephens) and Maureen (Molly Parker) have a troubled relationship that looks to end. The two parents reclutantly end up in this situation together. So on top of navigating the dangers of a strange planet, the two have to deal with trying to figure out a difficult situation, while parenting three kids the entire time as well. 

And I hear your eye-rolls almost immediately. The typical trope of a fragmented family coming together in the face of adversity. But the way that Lost In Space Season 1 presents the conflict and how the family handles it, subverts many of the typical tropes. 

Lost In Space Season 2 Departs From The Original In Many Ways

Note: spoilers for Season 1 of Lost In Space to follow. 

Lost In Space Season 1 deviated from the original series by populating the world with more than just the Robinson family. The story saw a mass exodus of humans from Earth after a massive disaster. The new humans were now resettling in a new star system. However, tragedy struck and they ended up stranded on the planet. The story turned on its head as the family friendly Robot was now part of a race of beings, responsible for the accident that stranded the humans. 

Season 2 sees the family trapped on a new planet, having to fend for themselves, as new dangers await them. Not to mention Dr. Smith (Parker Posey) whose evil-ness is always a constant factor. Posey, by the way, is the best thing about the Lost In Space reboot. Her version of Dr. Smith is refreshing and wonderful in a way that you love to despise. 

Season 2 of Lost In Space premieres on Netflix on December 24. 

Are you tuning in the second outing of Lost In Space? Let me know in the comments below. 


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