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Loki Will Bring His Trickster Charm To Disney+ in June

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BY February 24, 2021

Disney+ announced the release dates for several upcoming shows this week. And now we can officially put Loki on our calendar for a premiere date of June 11, 2021. The series will see Tom Hiddleston return to the titular role. He will be joined by Owen Wilson, and two former Doctor Who actors in Richard E. Grant and Gugu Mbatha-Raw. Kate Herron directs Loki, with Michael Waldron as head writer. Let’s take a look at what we know about the upcoming Loki series on Disney+ which will premiere in June.

Loki Steps Out of Thor’s Shadow In June on Disney+

Most anticipated TV shows of 2021 Loki. Loki Disney+ June Image via Marvel Studios.

The synopsis for Loki seems intentionally vague. This might be because the events of WandaVision and the upcoming Falcon & The Winter Soldier could impact the storyline of the Loki show. All Disney+ is telling us right now is that “Loki features the God of Mischief as he steps out of his brother’s shadow in a new series that takes place after the events of Avengers: Endgame.”

The last time we saw the trickster god in the Marvel Cinematic Universe was during Avengers: Endgame. Only in that film we saw a previous timeline version of Loki, who escaped with the Tesseract. This is the version of Loki that the Disney+ show will be following. The trailer shows that after Loki teleported away with the Tesseract, he ended up in the Gobi desert. This is where the events of the show begin. Since Loki teleported away with the Time Stone, he created a brand new timeline. This has been confirmed by the Russo Brothers themselves.

Will We See An Alternate Universe Version Of Loki?

Loki Disney+ June Image via Marvel Studios

Notably this means that Loki’s death in Avengers: Infinity War is also still canon. The Loki we are dealing with in the upcoming Disney+ show is an alternate universe version of the trickster god. And it is more or less confirmed that Loki will deal with the Multiverse aspect of the MCU that we suspect WandaVision has been slowly introducing.

The next big film in the MCU is Doctor Strange In The Multiverse of Madness, a film which also recently brought in a writer from the Loki show in Michael Waldron. It looks like the Disney+ shows will incorporate the Multiverse to set up for the next big MCU phase. And if it allows Loki a way back into the Avengers, and reunite with his brother, then we are all for it.

What We Know About Loki Ahead Of The June Premiere on Disney+

Information on the upcoming Loki series on Disney+ has been very limited, but there are several important things we can glean from the trailer. First is the involvement of an organization known as the TVA, the organization messing with Loki that Owen Wilson character Mobius works for. This is an acronym for the Time Variance Authority, an organization that is responsible for monitoring the multiverse. This basically confirms our theory that the Marvel shows on Disney+ will be introducing the concept of the Multiverse ahead of the next Doctor Strange movie.

Another notable moment in the trailer (which is just full of fun Easter eggs to analyse) is the rainbow that shoots out to scoop up Loki at the very end. This looks an awful lot like the Bifrost in Asgard. Which is very interesting, since Asgard was destroyed at the end of Thor: Ragnarok. Is Asgard still around in this newly created timeline? Will we also see an alternate version of Thor show up in the Loki show? There are still so many questions that will (hopefully) be answered when Loki premieres in June on Disney+.

Loki will debut on Disney+ on June 11, 2021.

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