Live Action Aang And Ozai Battle Gives Us A Look At The Netflix Reboot
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Live Action Aang And Ozai Battle Gives Us A First Look At The Netflix Reboot

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BY April 29, 2022

The live action Avatar the Last Airbender for Netflix looks like it’s coming along nicely! When Netflix first announced that they were working on a live action reboot, fans were cautiously optimistic. The original creators of the series, Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko were on board, so it seemed promising. Then, DiMartino and Konietzko announced that they were leaving due to “creative differences” and people really started to worry. However, as Netflix has shared more about the series, it actually doesn’t seem bad. The casting for the four main characters looks great and includes Gordon Cormier as Aang, Kiawentiio as Katara, Ian Ousley as Sokka, and Dallas Liu as Zuko. Cormier has been sharing pictures from the set on his social media accounts and his most recent one shows a live action Aang and Ozai battle, where both Cormier and Kim are striking fighting poses.

What’s The Latest On The Reboot And What’s Going On With The Live Action Aang And Ozai Battle?

live action aang and ozai battle Image via Nickolodeon.

Besides the four main characters, we also know that Daniel Dae Kim is playing Fire Lord Ozai and Kim’s Convenience‘s Paul Sun-Hyung is cast as Uncle Iroh. Rounding out the rest of the main cast are several of the female characters: Azula, Suki, Avatar Kyoshi, Gran Gran, and Suki’s mother Yukari. Elizabeth Yu (All My Love) will play Princess Azula, the daughter of Fire Lord Ozai and sister to Zuko. Maria Zhang will play Suki, the leader of an elite female fighting force known as the Kyoshi Warriors, Yvonne Chapman (Family Law) will play the legendary warrior Avatar Kyoshi, and Tamlyn Tomita (Cobra Kai) will play Suki’s mother Yukari, the mayor of Kyoshi Island.  Lastly, Casey Camp-Horinek (Reservation656 Dogs) will play Gran Gran, the matriarch of the Southern Water Tribe, and Katara and Sokka’s grandmother. Other member of the supporting cast include Ken Leung (Lost) as Commander Zhao and Lim Kay Siu (Nightwatch) as Gyatso. Commander Zhao was the Fire Nation military officer who served as the show’s first major antagonist. Gyatso was the wise Air Nomad monk who serves as Aang’s teacher 100 years before the young Avatar meets Katara and Sokka.

What about the aforementioned live action Aang and Ozai battle? It was shared on Cormier’s Instagram and you can check out the image below via the Netflix Geeked Twitter account:

This image depicts the final battle in the series, when Avatar Aang and Fire Lord Ozai finally face off in an epic fight of good versus evil. Avatar: The Last Airbender was an animated TV series (not considered anime, but definitely took elements of anime) that aired on Nickelodeon Animation Studios. It’s set in a world where people can manipulate one of the four classical elements (earth, fire, water, or air), also known as “bending.”

Only the Avatar can bend all four elements and they’re responsible for serving as the bridge between the physical world and the spirit world. The series followed the adventures of twelve-year-old Aang, the current Avatar and last remaining member of his nation, the Air Nomads. He befriends Water Tribe siblings Katara and Sokka (the former of which is a water bender) and Toph, an Earth bender. In addition, they’re trying to escape the exiled prince of the Fire Nation, Zuko, who *SPOILER ALERT* ends up becoming their friend! The show has received critical acclaim for its characters, cultural references, art direction, soundtrack, humor, and themes. It often touched upon more difficult concepts, such as war, genocide, imperialism, totalitarianism, indoctrination, and free choice.

Albert Kim will act as showrunner, executive producer and writer on the series, with Rideback’s Dan Lin and Lindsey Liberatore executive producing, along with Michael Goi. Roseanne Liang is co-executive producer. Goi, Roseanne Liang, Jabbar Raisani and Jet Wilkinson are directing.

There’s no official release date for the live-action reboot of Avatar: The Last Airbender, but you can watch the entire original series on Netflix.

Featured image via Netflix

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