Legends Of Tomorrow Season 6 Premiere Good And Felt A Little Off
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Legends Of Tomorrow Season 6 Premiere Good But Felt A Little Off

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BY May 5, 2021

As per usual, the Legends of Tomorrow season 5 finale was equal parts action-packed, heartfelt, and ridiculous. However, the big cliffhanger moment came when Caity Lotz’s Sara Lance was abducted by aliens. In the Legends of Tomorrow season 6 premiere, we don’t get a resolution to that problem, but they do set up the larger conflict of the season. However, whether it was COVID-safety protocols or simply the new makeup of the central cast, this episode felt…off. It’s not that it wasn’t an entertaining hour of television and what we’ve come to expect from the Legends. There are plenty of great moments, but overall this episode feels like the result of everyone getting back into the groove after a forced break.

Still, I feel certain that any stumble with this show is only momentary, at worst. In fact, the set-up element of the episode promises an interesting approach to their usual “fix problems throughout time” structure. So long as the sticky parts of this episode are just cobwebs being shaken loose, we’re likely in store for another wild and weird season of the purest comic book show on TV.

Spoilers to follow.

Moments That Worked In The Legends of Tomorrow Season 6 Premiere

Legends of Tomorrow Season 6 Premiere Sara Lance Caity Lotz Image via Warner Bros. Television

By far, my favorite parts of this episode followed Sara’s experience on the spaceship. The aliens at play here are the typical rubber-suit variety. However, these are high-quality rubber suits. They are both stunning and horrific to look at. While it may cause some suspension of disbelief for the most critical viewers, there’s something perfect about Legends of Tomorrow using B-movie/early Doctor Who-style rubber monsters for a season about aliens. It feels like with the design they were trying to walk that fine line between silly and serious, and for me it worked.

We knew from when the trailer dropped that Adam Tsekhman’s Gary Green would be with Sara on the ship. What I don’t know if any of us suspected was that Gary, it turns out, is an alien. As if a nod to the finale of Invincible, it seems that Gary Green was not all the man we needed but a ringer for these weird alien collectors. (Also, the alien that Sara fights happens to be his fiancée.) Honestly, this is such a huge and out-of-left-field change that one wonders where they go from here. Still, Lotz and Tsekhman are perfect in playing this absurd scenario as straight as possible.

For a moment it seemed like they were going to reunite the crew by the end of the episode. Yet, we may have to wait more than a few episodes until Sara and Gary are reunited with the rest of the Legends.

The Team Doesn’t Currently Feel Like a Team

Legends of Tomorrow Season 6 Premiere Olivia Swann Astra Ava Sharpe Jes McCallan Dominic Purcell Mick Rory Lisseth Chavez Spooner Nick Zano Nate Heyward Image via Warner Bros. Television

Legends of Tomorrow was designed as an Arrowverse show that would feature a rotating cast. They are a great way to unite the disparate corners of this shared universe, and a place where great recurring guests can pop up. In fact, it would be wild to see some Supergirl castmembers make their way over to the team when their series is over. (The smart money says Dreamer and Braniac 5 may live on elsewhere.) Still, the collection of new members of the team we have at the moment are all characters original to the series.

First, there is Astra, played by Olivia Swann. She’s a figure from Constantine’s past who he accidentally damned to Hell. She’s free now, and says she’s leaving the team. However, the actor who plays her is a series regular this year, so she’s not going anywhere. We also have Behrad Terazi, played by Shayan Sobhian, who also joined the series last season. His sister, Zari, has been a part of the series since season 3, but she’s playing a new version of her character as well. Also, they just added Lisseth Chavez’s “Spooner” to the crew, though it’s unclear how long she’ll stick around.

Perhaps the story arc for this season will focus on making a team out of this group. Yet, I got the sense that the dissonance here is not intentional. There has been some behind-the-scenes drama on this show. Brandon Routh left last season under protest, and Dominic Purcell may (or may not) be leaving the show this year. Hopefully, this is just coincidence and the odd vibe I got from the season 6 premiere doesn’t represent a larger disconnect with the storytellers behind Legends of Tomorrow.

Legends of Tomorrow airs Sundays on the CW at 8 P.M. Eastern.

Also, worth noting, this episode was dedicated to a crew member who passed away suddenly. See the production’s tweet below honoring their friend and colleague.

What do you think? Did you enjoy the season 6 premiere of Legends of Tomorrow? Did this episode feel off to you, too? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Featured image via Warner Bros. Television

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