Lady Vic Comes To Titans Through Dick Grayson And Barbara Gordon
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Lady Vic Comes To Titans Revealing History Of Dick Grayson And Barbara Gordon

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BY September 1, 2021

When we got the first ten episode titles for Titans season 3, one stood out. Sure, it should have been Lazarus, but instead we saw that Lady Vic was coming to Titans. A low-level comics rogue, Lady Vic’s inclusion was a curiosity. However, she shows up in Titans very ruthlessly, and she’s tied intimately to their backstory. (Though, how anyone knows this is something of an open question.) We also get some insight into the other villains in our story: Curran Walters’ Red Hood and Damaris Lewis’ Blackfire. Ultimately, this does feel very much like a water break on the marathon that is the season 3 Titans Red Hood story. Things have been going at a breakneck pace, so this is a chance for the Titans to take stock of their losses and the mounting threats against them.

Fans who may be disappointed at how much attention the Bat-family gets on this series may be happy, though. It feels like the focus does shift back towards the team, though the storytellers are still keeping Brendon Thwaites’ Dick Grayson at an arm’s length from the rest of the team. Even though I love all the Bat-family drama, I would like to see the Titans coming together and staying together for at least a trio of episodes in a row. Ryan Potter’s Gar Logan actually gives voice to this frustration in the episode. And, still, no Teagan Croft or Raven in the season yet.

This season of Titans is perhaps my favorite so far, not just because of the Red Hood or the understated Blackfire story. Still, it’s my hope that as the season progresses, we see this team truly become the family the storytellers want us to believe they are.

Spoilers to follow.

damaris-lewis-anna-diop_ blackfire starfire titans lady vic Image by Ben Mark Holzberg via HBO Max

Blackfire Is Still a Mystery on Titans, but They Have Me Rooting for Her

Anna Diop’s Starfire made the questionable decision to free her sister from a prison seemingly built just for her. Yet, since her release, Blackfire has been one of the more restrained people in the Titans’ orbit. The big “punchline” of the episode was that after seemingly getting free, she returned to Wayne Manor. Not only that, she had a lead on information about the plans Vincent Kartheiser’s Jonathan Crane has for Gotham. Of course, the best Blackfire moment of the episode was when she and Joshua Orpin’s Connor Kent talked about being aliens and outsiders. While Starfire went off to investigate some stolen sci-fi machinery, the two of them shared a quiet moment together.

I think there is no question that Blackfire breaks bad. Up until this week, I’d have said she’d turn in the latter part of the season. Yet, It’s possible that Blackfire and Starfire may work together a little. This would be smart, because it would endear the Titans to her and vice versa. The best villains on this series are the ones who have a personal connection to the team. Jason and Crane could carry the season, especially with Kimberly Sue Taylor’s Lady Vic in the mix. It’s rumored that HBO Max has already renewed Titans for season 4. (This tracks with how this series has been renewed every season.) So, it’s possible the storytellers want to save her for next season.

Either way, I enjoy Damaris Lewis’ choices for the character. All things being equal, to the viewer Starfire comes off as the unreasonable one in this episode. Perhaps Blackfire’s plan is to ostracize her sister from her found family? Either way, if there are any big surprises coming this season, I feel like it’s coming from the Blackfire angle.

curran-walters_ red hood titans lady vic Image by Ben Mark Holzberg via HBO Max

The Lady Vic Storyline in Titans Feels Like the Start of the Red Hood’s Redemption

Lady Vic is not an old enemy of the Titans, rather she’s an enemy of Dick Grayson and Savannah Welch’s Barbara Gordon. We flashback to before Barbara becomes Batgirl. She knows Dick is Robin, and they fight in a museum. Turns out she likes stealing things to rebel against her father. Dick joins her, maybe because he has the hots for her? Honestly, this backstory did not work for me. However, it does serve to have Dick and Babs encounter Lady Vic and her lover on a job. They fight, and Barbara saves Dick by causing Lady Vic to kill her partner instead. The climax of the episode is when Barbara and she face off in Crime Alley. The fight choreographers did a great job to show Barbara is not a victim, even when she’s down a leg.

brenton-thwaites-savannah-welch Titans Lady vic barbara gordon dick grayson Image by Ben Mark Holzberg via HBO Max

Lady Vic is, according to Crane, Red Hood’s replacement. Jason doesn’t like the balance of power now that Crane is running the show. So, Lady Vic is there to trouble the Titans when Jason inevitably starts his redemption arc. My guess is that while the Titans are dealing with either Crane or Blackfire, Red Hood will take her out to save Barbara. The biggest complaint one could levy against this episode is how Lady Vic knows that Barbara Gordon was the woman in the museum. Presumably Crane told her Batman’s identity, since she uses a fake Bruce Wayne phone call to set their meeting. But, these are the kind of the details best not obsessed over.

The other standout scene in this episode is when Dick teaches Gar how to recreate a scene using audio only. It’s very comic book-y, but it’s at least an attempt to showcase the good part of Dick’s relationship with the rest of the Titans.

Titans debuts new episodes Thursdays on HBO Max.

What do you think? Did you enjoy Titans take on Lady Vic? Are you excited about the character or just excited to see her dealt with? Share your thoughts, theories, and reviews in the comments below.

Featured image via by Ben Mark Holzberg via HBO Max.

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