Kimi Ni Todoke TV Series Coming to Netflix in March 2023
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Kimi Ni Todoke TV Series Coming to Netflix in March 2023

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BY March 13, 2023

After a very successful year for Netflix when it comes to their anime and live-action series, Netflix just dropped the trailer for the upcoming Kimi ni Todoke TV series. The highly-demanded live-action of the popular manga From Me to You is on its way, and it coming sooner than you think!

From Me to You Manga 

The Kimi ni Todoke TV series adaptation is one of the best news I heard in 2023 so far! Therefore, here are some of the details about the manga itself. Starting in 2006 and ending ultimately in 2018, the From me to You manga is one of the longest and definitely most beautiful romance stories. 

The manga follows two high school students Sawako and Shota. Sadly, Sawako is one of the unpopular girls who suffer a lot of peer pressure and bullying. Her classmates call her Sadako because of her gloomy appearance and long, dark hair. 

On the other hand, Shota Kazehaya is the complete opposite of Sawako. He’s the popular guy in the classroom. When he finds out that peers are pressuring Sawako into doing many kinds of activities instead of them, Shota steps in. He begins to form a close bond with Sawako. She starts to gain confidence, friends, and ultimately feelings for Shota. 

The beautiful story between Shota and Sawako shows many devastating elements. From high school bullying and having no friends to gaining a best friend for life and a partner, Sawako’s dreams finally come true!

kimi ni todoke

Kimi ni Todoke TV Series by Netflix (Plot, Cast & Release Date)

By popular demand, the Kimi ni Todoke TV Series is headed our way! One of the most beautiful love stories comes from this manga. It might be hard to top the 2010 live-action series by the same title, but Netflix has undoubtedly created many amazing TV adaptations so far. 

Firstly, the release date for the Kimi ni Todoke TV series is March 30th, 2023! This is just a couple of weeks away. The series will be the product of the collaboration between TV Tokyo and Netflix. Moreover, Takehiko Shinjo (known for Your Lie in April) will sit in the director’s chair. Hayato Miyamoto will serve as the scriptwriter. 

Secondly, here are the casting choices. Oji Suzuka and Sara Minami will portray the main characters Shota Kazahaya and Sawako Kuronuma. In addition, some of the familiar faces in the cast include Kaito Sakurai, Rinka Kumada, Naho Toda, Shohei Miura, and Riho Nakamura.  

The Kimi ni Todoke TV series will wholeheartedly follow the plotline from the original 2005-2017 manga series. That being said, the series will tell the love story between Sawako Kuronuma and Shota Kazahaya. While Shota is a popular lad, Sawako is very shy and many make fun of her. When Shota decides to build a true friendship with her, the two fall in love! 

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