The Boys Season 2 Short Film Will Be About Karl Urban's Billy Butcher
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Karl Urban’s Billy Butcher To Get His Own Short Film During The Boys Season 2

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BY July 11, 2020

The Boys season 2 releases on September 4 on Amazon Prime. The comic book adaptation recently released its season 2 trailer and the marketing is in full swing for the new season. Recently, creator Eric Kripke revealed that there will also be a The Boys season 2 short film. The new short focuses exclusively on Karl Urban’s Billy Butcher character, and will be a prequel to the events of the second season. 

Where Season 1 Of The Boys Took The Story Of Billy Butcher

The Boys season 2 short film Butcher. Image via Amazon Prime.

The Boys season 1 was all about non-powered humans going up against corrupt superheroes in a world full of them. One of those humans was Butcher (Karl Urban), who’s had a personal vendetta against the leader of those superheroes. This is essentially what drives Butcher to assemble the rag-tag group of the Boys. Butcher is tough as nails, gruff, and macho with little consideration for others’ feelings. This works perfectly with the dynamic he shares with Hughie (Jack Quaid), who is timid and mild-mannered. One of the major sources of comedy during The Boys season 1 was this mismatch between the two leads. However, Butcher always had a much darker vibe about him that comes through in the later episodes of season 1. And now, we may get more of it in The Boys season 2 short film. 

Creator Eric Kripke Revealed The Boys Season 2 Short Film In An Interview

The Boys season 2 short film cast.

When speaking to Collider in an exclusive interview, creator Eric Kripke announced the new film. Apparently, there was a lot of footage shot for episode 2 of the new season that didn’t make it into the final cut. Being on the run after the events of the season 1 finale, those scenes explained Butcher’s whereabouts for a few weeks, prior to his emergence in the second episode of season 2. However, those scenes didn’t make it due to pacing issues with the rest of the season.

But the show still references those sequences later on, so losing them entirely would be detrimental to the audience’s viewing experience. Not wanting to waste the footage, and considering the story beats important to the season, Kripke decided instead to release a short film of Butcher’s storyline, after season 2 begins streaming. Which is a unique way to release the film, in an already interesting schedule for season 2. 

The Boys Season 2 Short Film Is Another Way The New Season Is Different

The Boys season 2 short film shooting. Image via Screen Grab.

The first three episodes of The Boys season 2 will release on Amazon Prime on September 4. After that, the season will shift to a regular weekly release. The Boys season 2 short film will release after the first episode. Events of the short film will act as a prequel to the larger season 2 storyline. As per Kripke, the story won’t affect the season until the second episode, so audiences will have a chance to catch up on the escapades of Butcher before the regular season continues as he rejoins the team. 

The Boys Season 2 short film will release along with the first episodes on September 4 on Amazon Prime. 

What do you think about the prequel short film from The Boys? Let us know in the comments below. 

Featured Image via Amazon Prime. 

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