Jupiter’s Legacy Season 1 Questions: 5 Mysteries That Need Explaining
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5 Mysteries Left Unanswered At The End Of Jupiter’s Legacy Season 1

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BY May 12, 2021

Netflix’s new original series Jupiter’s Legacy is my latest obsession when it comes to superhero stories. The new show from the comic book series by Mark Millar and Frank Quietly is frankly, genius. And while season 1 unravels a lot of the mystery of this brand new established superhero world, there’s a lot left to deal with. So to provide a deeper look, I ask a lot of Jupiter’s Legacy season 1 questions that hopefully, the show will answer by season 2.

Please note that these Jupiter’s Legacy season 1 questions focus on the TV series itself. The storylines, characters and sequence of events in season 1 of Jupiter’s Legacy on Netflix is drastically different than the comics. So this article will be specifically for the plot points introduced in the series. 

And as expected, I will be diving headfirst into a lot of spoilers from Jupiter’s Legacy season 1. So make sure you catch up on the show before reading this piece or feel free to read my Spoiler-free review of the premiere episode, as well as the entire Jupiter’s Legacy series review, to see if the show is for you. Then come back here for a discussion into all those Jupiter’s Legacy season 1 questions. 

The Source Of The Union’s Super Powers

Jupiter's Legacy Season 1 questions Powers. Image via Netflix.

One of the bigger mysteries of the first season of Jupiter’s Legacy is the origin of the main group of superheroes’ powers. Told entirely in flashbacks, that arc provides a more detailed back story into the leader of The Union, The Utopian (Josh Duhamel). Upon receiving their powers, the six heroes reappear to the boat crew that brought them to the island, hovering in the sky, in their new superhero attire. How they even got the suits, is possibly a whole separate article. But the entire journey and end results still beg the question: how did they get their powers? There is definitely a high-power at work, as they didn’t just ‘get’ them, but someone rather granted them powers. The tests the characters faced were obviously designed by someone else who ensure worthiness. But of what? And why, are all Jupiter’s Legacy season 1 questions that need answers.

Another Jupiter’s Legacy Season 1 Question Is About Everyone Else’s Powers

Jupiter's Legacy Season 1 questions young. Image via Netflix.

And while there’s a mystery around the powers of these original six superheroes, there’s also the concern about the others. By the time we get to see this world, it’s 90-plus years after The Union got their powers. The world looks like it’s inhabited by a plethora of other heroes, not directly related to the original members. So while it makes sense their The Union’s offspring would have their powers as well, what about the rest? How did everyone else in the world get these powers?

There is one possible theory, as seen in the last episode of season 1. As The six main members get their powers, a wave moves outward from the island to, presumably, the rest of the world. Maybe that wave acted as a catalyst imbibing those in its wake with special powers. Maybe those latent powers passed down to their kids, manifesting themselves. This might explain how The Union members seem to be the oldest superheroes in the world, with everyone else being very young. But then that begs the question as to how others can have powers if The Union were the only ones deemed worthy? 

Who Exactly Is Blue Bolt, And Why Does No One Mention Him In The Future? 

Jupiter's Legacy Season 1 questions Blue Bolt. Image via Netflix.

Another Jupiter’s Legacy season 1 question that’s nagging away at me, is the mystery surrounding the character of Blue Bolt. We see the five founding superheroes throughout the show, but the last-minute sixth addition is Richard Conrad (David Julian Hirsh). Rescued from the ocean by the boat taking the group to the island, the character appears, literally, out of the blue. The closing moments see him as an established hero along with the rest, but the present-day moments never refer to him. 

Almost every other original hero appears in the show, in an older avatar. The Utopian, Brainwave, and Lady Liberty are still very active. The Flare (Mike Wade) looks more like the Oracle-type character who is wheelchair-bound, while his daughter takes his place on the team. But no one ever talks about Blue Bolt. The only other character treated like this is Skyfox (Matt Lanter), who betrayed the team in some mysterious incident in the past. But at least his absence is a part of the story. 

How Did Skyfox Betray The Union Exactly?

Jupiters Legacy Season 1 questions Skyfox. Image via Netflix.

The lack of any Blue Bolt reference leads to another one of the show’s big mysteries. Sheldon’s best friend George, who becomes Skyfox after the island, is missing from all of season 1. At least, in the present-day storyline. Skyfox apparently betrayed The Union in some mysterious and ominously alluded way. Apparently, he is missing and hasn’t been seen in decades. There are vague references to how a difference in ideology is what took him down a different road from the rest of the group.

But the betrayal by Skyfox, and the lack of anyone even mentioning Blue Bolt, makes me think that Skyfox’s betrayal has something to do with Blue Bolt. Skyfox might have even killed Blue Bolt. It’s a significant enough thing to make Skyfox an all-out villain, while also explaining why no one ever talks about Blue Bolt; it’s too painful an event to remember. And there’s another glaring Jupiter’s Legacy season 1 question that lends to this theory of mine; Blue Bolt’s teleporting power rod. 

How Does Skyfox’s Son Get Blue Bolt’s Weapon? 

Jupiters Legacy Season 1 questions Rod. Image via Netflix.

In season 1 we meet Skyfox’s son, Hutch (Ian Quinlan), who is powerless. However, he uses a magic Power Rod that only he can control in his criminal endeavors. Until he uses it against The Utopian, fruitlessly. Skyfox in this series is good with technology. So the natural presumption was that Skyfox gave his son an object of power to make up for his lack of superpowers. But the season finale shows that the rod originally belonged to Blue Bolt. 

We don’t know how Hutch has the Rod in the present day. But going by the theory that Sky Fox might have killed Blue Bolt, it stands to reason that he gave the Rod to his son after the fact. It’s clear to see that Jupiter’s Legacy season 1 questions need resolutions. And given that season 2 has yet to be announced (as of this writing) we’re not sure if we will ever get these answers. For now, we may have to look to the comic book series, for explanations of these questions, if they even exist in the comics. The story in those issues is very different than what we saw on screen. 

Season 1 of Jupiter’s Legacy is now streaming on Netflix. 

Let us know if there are additional questions that need answers after Jupiter’s Legacy season 1. Share your theories in the comments below. 

Featured image via Netflix. 

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