Dredd TV Show Could Bring Back Karl Urban & Sylvester Stallone
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Judge Dredd TV Series Could Bring Back Karl Urban And Sylvester Stallone

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BY February 2, 2022

There are a lot of cult-favorite content that don’t ever seem to see a resurgence. Joss Whedon’s Firefly ended after one season, and despite a huge fandom, never became anything else than an independently produced movie and some comics. Similarly, 2012’s Dredd was an adaptation of a massive comic-book franchise that failed to resonate at the box office. Despite that, the movie gained a massive cult following with fans loving the dark and gritty take on the violently righteous titular hero. The movie did get the wheels turning for more installments in the franchise, which, unfortunately, failed to materialize. But now, the latest update from the CEO of the company that holds the rights, may provide some hope for fans. According to him, the Dredd TV show is all ready to go. He even wants the famous movie actors who played the character to appear in it. 

Before Talks Of a Judge Dredd TV Show, The Franchise Was A Comic Book

Dredd TV show comic. Image via Rebellion Developments.

The Dredd comic book franchise comes from one of the longest-running comic strips called 2000 AD that ran from 1977. The franchise boasts of various mediums of comic books, films, novels, audiobooks, and video games. The story primarily focuses on a futuristic dystopia where various international conflicts ravaged the world. The majority of the world is a nuclear wasteland, with cities housing various pockets of the population throughout. These ‘mega-cities’ have their own laws and jurisdictions, not to mention, their own enforcers to uphold those laws. 

Judges maintain the law and order in these cities, who act as, literally, judge, jury, and executioner. They are basically police officers who can make arrests, pass sentence, and carry them out, often, all at the same time. It’s a futuristic Wild West and the Judges are the sheriffs. It’s a cool concept made even cooler with the gritty and violent tone that has always kept the franchise a unique story in a world saturated with other similarly themed content. The comic book character was so popular, he even crossed over with Batman at one point. 

The Two Judge Dredd Film Adaptations Made Way for a Dredd TV Show

Dredd TV show Stallone. Image via Hollywood Pictures

The first-ever Judge Dredd film adaptation came in 1995 with Sylvester Stallone as the titular Dredd. The character was a badass, tough as nails cop who gets embroiled in his own adventure that pairs him up with an obnoxious criminal played by Rob Schneider. It was a potentially great movie, ruined by an unnecessary safety net of a popular movie trope. No doubt it was a studio decision to pair Stallone’s action star with Schneider’s comedy star to appeal to broad audiences.

However, in 2012, came the movie reboot everyone wanted. Simply titled Dredd, it starred Karl Urban in a role where a helmet constantly covered the top half of his face for the entire movie. It was The Mandalorian before The Mandalorian. That movie went back to the franchise’s grimy roots and provided a story set in a building where Dredd had to go through an army of baddies to get to the main villain played by Lena Headey. Despite the movie being so beloved, it underperformed at the box office. This stopped the possibilities for any sequels. However, during a YouTube interview, the CEO of Rebellion, who currently holds the rights to Dredd, provides an interesting update.  

A Dredd TV Show Is All Ready to Go

Poster. Image via DNA Films.

According to Rebellion’s CEO Jason Kingsley, a Dredd TV show is all written and ready to go, awaiting the pandemic to be over to secure financing and start production. The talk of a series broke around 2017 when a TV show based on the Dredd movie universe was doing the rounds. Titled Mega-City One, the show would follow the adventures of a variety of Judges, while Dredd would guest star and come in and out of the narrative. It sounds very similar to the Gotham PD series to be set in the same world at Matt Reeves’ The Batman. During the V2A Freak Show TV episode, Kingsley goes into details about the status of the Dredd TV show. 

“Basically, we can’t go into production because of the and we’ve got scripts and everything is ready to go but the problem is, because of the and everybody’s funding changes and everybody’s shifting around.”

Urban Wants To Play The Judge Again

Dredd TV show Urban. Image via DNA Films.

Karl Urban has always been optimistic and wants to be part of the project again. After his success with The Boys, Urban could be the high profile star that might finally push this project through. During the interview, Kingsley even joked about bringing Sylvester Stallone back to be in the show. Which would honestly, be even more exciting than Urban appearing. The only two live-action Dredds in the same show might seem far fetched, but these days it could easily be the reality. In a world where we’ve got two (for now) Batmen appearing in The Flash movie, and The CW Crisis very much being a thing, this type of casting is actually a great way to get people on board this franchise again. 

No word on when the Dredd TV show will begin production but stay tuned to Comic Years for more on this as it breaks. 

How do you feel about a Judge Dredd TV show? Let m know in the comments below. 

Featured Image via DNA Films.


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