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Joseph Gordon-Levitt Developing Apple TV+ Drama Series About a Teacher

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BY April 27, 2020
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Whether it’s an Academy Awards campaign, a massive, multi-million dollar deal, or just a new series announcement, streaming services are constantly releasing news. As the Streaming Wars continue to heat up, it’s all about which platform can get out the right content to impress the masses. And, with recent announcements coming out left and right from Disney+, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV+ hasn’t had much to say. In fact, the upcoming streaming service doesn’t even have a release date yet. However, they have been slowly dropping news about upcoming content. Their most recent news is that Joseph Gordon-Levitt will be developing a drama series for Apple TV+. So far, we’re pretty excited.

What We Know About the Joseph Gordon-Levitt Apple TV+ Collab So Far

According to sources at Variety, Gordon-Levitt will be writing, executive producing, and starring in the upcoming series. “Mr. Corman” will follow an elementary school teacher in Los Angeles (which we presume will be Gordon-Levitt) struggling with adulthood. There’s plenty to explore there, and we can only imagine what Mr. Corman will end up struggling with. Gordon-Levitt will be producing under his company, hitRECord, alongside A24. It’s a match made in heaven.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Apple TV+

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Why We Trust Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Joseph Gordon-Levitt has been in the filmmaking scene for quite a while. His work on 3rd Rock from the Sun came after years of working on smaller parts, both on film and television. He will forever be known as the indie favorite Tom Hansen for his role in 500 Days of Summer. His role as John Blake in The Dark Knight Rises had us all hoping he’d be the next Robin. But, on top of all of his acting work,  he seems to be a behind-the-scenes guy at heart. hitRECord, an online production company, has been his center of attention for the past few years. His directorial debut in 2013, Don Jon, showcased his eye for storytelling. So, it seems like Gordon-Levitt might know what he’s doing.

We don’t expect a release date anytime soon (at least, until Apple TV+ gets on with it and gives us one for the streaming service). But, nonetheless, it’ll be nice to see Gordon-Levitt back on the small screen with Apple TV+.

This series announcement joins the long list of upcoming streaming service content. So, readers, what are you most excited for?

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