Jensen Ackles Joining The Boys Season 3, Kripke Told Us In November?
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Jensen Ackles Joining The Boys Season 3 As Soldier Boy, The First Superhero

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BY March 4, 2021

Just a month ago, the news broke that Supernatural alum Jeffrey Dean Morgan might appear on The Boys. While that’s still apparently in the planning stages, another role is not. Supernatural star Jensen Ackles is joining The Boys for season 3, reuniting him with Supernatural creator Eric Kripke.

Jensen Ackles Joining The Boys As An Important Character

Ackles will be playing the character Soldier Boy. As the character has gone through a few iterations, though, it’s unclear which one Ackles will be portraying. Ackles’s own announcement was mostly mum on the subject. The post, which you can see below, only shows Ackles flipping through a Boys comic book as Elvis Presley’s “Soldier Boy” cranks up. (I did not intend to make a Soulja Boy reference; my brain just did that for free.)

jensen ackles joining the boys

Some outlets have reported, for example, that Ackles will be playing the current version, a veteran of World War II and one of the first famous supes. However, the title Soldier Boy is like The Princess Bride‘s Dread Pirate Roberts–it’s a legacy title. As such, there have been other Soldier Boys before this one.

However, it’s probable that Ackles will be playing the most recent Soldier Boy. For one thing, that opens up more opportunities for mayhem, particularly involving his interactions with Billy Butcher, than if Ackles were to appear only in flashback.

And while the announcements all tend to mention the third season, there is a possibility that we’ll see Soldier Boy before then. Kripke, The Boys showrunner, tweeted a reference to the character last November, while season 2 was filming. He also hashtagged it with a reference to Supernatural.

In The Supernatural Future

While Supernatural, like many productions, had to pause filming because of…you know, they are scheduled to resume production on August 18. The final episodes of season 15, the show’s last, will begin airing on The CW on Thursday, October 8. Incidentally, Ackles mentioned in a chat last week with costars Jared Padalecki and Misha Collins, as well as Senator Cory Booker and Texas Senate candidate MJ Hegar, that they had to adjust the final scripts thanks to the pandemic. (You can watch the chat on Collins’s Youtube channel, by the way.)

jensen ackles joining the boys image via The CW

Ackles also revealed some other tidbits, at least for the last two episodes. For instance, episode 19, the penultimate episode, will close out the season-long arc. Episode 20, though, will function more as a series ender. I’m not crying already.

Meanwhile, filming for The Boys season 3 will begin next year. Season 2 will drop on Amazon Prime Video on September 4, of course. And while the final trailer has promised as wild a ride as season 1, it wouldn’t hurt my feelings to see an early Ackles appearance.

How about you? Does this news get you as hyped as I personally am? Tell us what you think about Jensen Ackles joining The Boys on our various social media or down in these here comments.

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