Jennifer Jason Leigh Cast As Mysterious Character For Hunters 2
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Jennifer Jason Leigh Cast As Mysterious New Character For Hunters Season 2

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BY April 9, 2021

There’s a lot we don’t know about the next season of Prime Video’s alt-history series about Nazi killers. We still don’t know if season 1 star Al Pacino will be rejoining the show for season 2. However, we do know now that Jennifer Jason Leigh will be on Hunters. So let’s find out more about the character the veteran actress will be playing in the second season of the Amazon Prime Video series.

Who Will Jennifer Jason Leigh Be Playing on Hunters ?

In an exclusive, Deadline revealed that the actress will be playing Chava, “a top Nazi hunter.” Hmm, love to see it. And in case you’re somehow unfamiliar with Hunters, but are just reading this because you love Jennifer Jason Leigh’s work (or mine, whatever), then here’s a quick recap.

hunters jennifer jason leigh image via Amazon Prime Video

Set in 1970s New York City, Hunters follows a group of–as you might have guessed–Nazi hunters. After all, the war ending didn’t mean that all the Nazis disappeared. Many of them, for example, came to these United States. And in the world of Hunters, some of those who came here didn’t exactly give up their partei ties. In fact, they’re working to rebuild the Reich. The hunters then want to make sure that doesn’t happen. (For more details and background, you can see my review of Hunters.)

Hunters  Season 2 Still Full of Mystery

Without giving too much away, season 1 ended with the hunters having won the battle, but not the war. (If you would like for me to give much more away, though, then see my very spoilery post about Hunters being renewed.) So that means there’s a lot of things that could happen. There is also a lot of directions to go in this and any other upcoming seasons.

And as I said in that renewal article, show creator David Weil has already given some hints. He’s remarked, for instance, that he’s interested in exploring a European hunt. As several of the hunters have ties to the continent, Weil believes the characters could use that opportunity to learn more about themselves. On that note, Nikki Toscano, who runs the show along with Weil, shared similar thoughts with Refinery 29. She mentioned in particular that season 2 might look more closely into Joe and into Sister Harriet.

But hints are all we have at the moment. Other details, as Deadline points out, are a secret for the time being. But we’ll be sure to tell everything we know when we know it.

Season 1 of Hunters is currently available on Prime Video. 

What did you do during the war? Tell me your secrets in our comments or on our social media.

image of Jennifer Jason Leigh, on her current show, Atypical, via Netflix

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