Invincible Episode 7 Review: Leading Into The Finale With A Build Up
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Review: Invincible Episode 7 Leads Into Its Season Finale With A Bloody Build Up

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BY July 8, 2021

After a few episodes of establishing character, building suspense, and setting up plot threads, the newest episode of Invincible brings it! The last episode before the season finale amps up the stakes and starts connecting the plot threads established thus far. My Invincible episode 7 review will discuss exactly how it all starts to come together. The newest episode has amazing payoffs from the story so far, but also does it in interesting ways that go against superhero tropes. Something Invincible has become an expert at doing on a week to week basis. 

Please note: this Invincible episode 7 review is spoiler-free, but will feature some spoilers from the previous episodes. So be wary if you’re not entirely caught up on the series yet. 

The Complexities Of Superhero Relationships

Invincible episode 7 review Mark. Image via Amazon Prime Video.

The last episode of Invincible showcased Invincible himself, Mark (Steven Yeun), having an adventure away from his regular ones. But he saved the day at the expense of his relationship with Amber (Zazie Beetz). The continuation of that story has a very fun ending in this new episode. The relationship angle of superhero stories is always a source of conflict. It’s been done so much that it’s difficult to do anything new with it. But I’m constantly impressed with how Invincible can tell similar stories, or exploit established tropes in brand new and unexpected ways. And this subplot is no exception. 

It’s the one thing about Invincible that really separates it from any other superhero content currently on air. The subversion of existing superhero concepts and ideas in exciting new ways.  While still not taking away the joy of those concepts in the first place. It’s great work by creator Robert Kirkman and series director Jeff Allen. Another one of those flipping the script aspects, is putting into perspective ‘superhero problems’ in relation to the everyday ones regular folks face.

The whole idea of heroes with powers who don’t have a tragic backstory complaining about their drama can become tiresome to people dealing with real world problems. While it’s the universality of their problems that makes superhero stories so compelling, sometimes it just feels like whining. And those times, those problems feel smaller, when compared to the very real word issues plaguing every day people. Something hilariously addressed in Invincible episode 7. 

Invincible Episode 7 Review Is About Tying Up Loose Ends

Invincible episode 7 review Guardians. Image via Amazon Prime Video.

With only 1 episode left in the season, episode 7 is really bringing home the other plot threads introduced. The story of Robot and his mysterious expedition is finally revealed. In the last episode, audiences saw Robot (Zachary Quinto) hire the Mauler Twins (Kevin Michael Richardson) to use their cloning techniques for some reason. It was very ominous and mysterious. Especially given the fact that it never works out well when robots have ulterior motives. Episode 7 handles the reveal in a very interesting way, potentially tying up that thread, so we can continue on the Omni-Man and Invincible plot more. 

The last few episodes also saw the new Guardians Of The Globe superhero team benched after their almost fatal battle from episode 5. With Monster Girl (Grey Griffin) being totally out of commission, the team had to take a beat and regroup. Invincible episode 7 brings them back and kind of resolves that arc, while building up to their contribution in the finale. Or at least, it looks like they’re going to have a big impact in the Invincible season finale. 

Invincible’s Bigger Story Is Finally Revealing Itself

Invincible episode 7 review Cyborg. Image via Amazon Prime Video.

The biggest story of Invincible has always been the Omni-Man threat. Episode 1 saw Omni-Man (J.K. Simmons), the world’s greatest superhero, obliterate the original Guardians of the Globe. Seemingly an ally, he brutally takes out the entire team in one of the most violent action sequences of the series. One of many. But his motivations are still unknown. Why Omni-Man did what he did is still a mystery. Not just to audiences, but even to the characters themselves. Cecil (Walton Goggins), the main man behind the organization that works with heroes, knows that Omni-Man is responsible, but still isn’t acting on that knowledge. While his wife Debbie (Sandra Oh), finally finds out what he did in the last episode. 

All those things come to a head in episode 7, as all pretenses are dropped. Omni-Man’s story is the bigger season-long arc, but it would be premature to say that he’s the villain. Omni-Man, or Nolan, as his alter ego, is a stoic and intimidating character. His destruction of the premiere superhero team in the world was shocking, which makes audiences very fearful of his character. Especially in scenes where it looks like Debbie is confronting him, given the unpredictability around his actions. Thus far, at least. But at the same time, he’s also very sweet with his wife and looks like he genuinely cares about his family. Which further makes his motivations that much more of a mystery. 

Is Mark Ready For The Finale? 

Invincible episode 7 review bloody. Image via Amazon Prime Video.

As mentioned in my reviews of the earlier episodes of Invincible, all these other stories are really preparing Mark to be the hero he needs to be. The training montages, the romantic subplot, the side adventures and lessons learned along with the complexities of being a superhero. It’s not all fun and games, as Mark expected his whole life. Invincible episode 7 really doesn’t let Mark breathe from the problems in his life until the third act throws him in the mix. 

So it definitely seems like the Invincible season finale is where Mark has to step up as a hero, despite not actually resolving any of those other issues in his life. It’s going to be a trial by fire. And that’s just the regular requirement that he needs to fulfill as a superhero. Now, factor in whatever secret Nolan, his father is hiding, and things might get too much for Mark to handle. Even if he is Invincible. 

Invincible episode 7 streams on Amazon Prime Video on April 23. 

Featured image via Amazon Prime Video. 

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