Invincible Episode 5 Review Raises The Stakes With A Street-Level Story
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Review: Invincible Episode 5 Raises The Stakes With A Street-Level Story

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BY April 9, 2021

With a great show, it always feels every new episode improves upon the last. This is even more true when applied to this innovative new superhero series on Amazon Prime Video. The Invincible animated series takes the opportunity to treat each episode as a mini-movie that furthers the longer narrative. During this Invincible episode 5 review, I’ll discuss just how this latest episode does something completely new. And something that has an amazing impact on the ongoing story. Plot twists are baked into the DNA of the show, starting with the Invincible premiere episodes, this will be a non-Spoiler review for episode 5 as well. 

This Invincible Episode 5 Review Shows How Unique The Show Is

Invincible episode 5 review Machine Head. Image via Amazon Prime Video.

Invincible episode 5 begins in a very different way. Most of the episode almost acts as a montage for how Mark (Steven Yeun) is getting used to the superhero life, while also juggling his personal life with it. It’s a very common teen superhero trope. While he’s running around taking down bad guys and literally saving the world, his relationship is taking a bit of a hit. He’s always late to dates because of pesky meteor threats, or bad guys robbing banks. But given that being a superhero is something Mark has wanted for years, it doesn’t really phase him much. Which is an interesting change to the usual superhero, alter ego conflict. 

In most superhero stories, the balancing act of being a superhero and trying to have a personal life is a huge juggling act for the protagonist. The biggest superheroes deal with that struggle, including everyone from Spider-Man to Superman. With Invincible, however, things are a little different. Given that Mark is a second-generation superhero, it’s just something that he knows he has to be, so it’s never a matter of choosing between the two for him. Which is a different take, and something that I feel will have more impact later on in the series. 

Invincible Is Not Just A One Man Show

Invincible episode 5 review Eve. Image via Amazon Prime Video.

What’s also different in this show is that it’s not just Mark going through challenges. There are other stories of the many other characters in the show who also get their own interesting subplots. While Mark is taking to the superhero life, Eve (Gillian Jacobs) is struggling with whether she wants her superhero alter ego to define hers. This existential crisis is more aligned with the typical superhero depiction but done in a different way here. Eve’s superhero-ing is not a secret to her family, who has very misogynistic views on her future, complicating her issues that much more. 

Then there’s Marks mom, Debbie (Sandra Oh) who is noticing that her husband Nolan (J.K. Simmons), Omni Man himself, might be keeping something from her. A wife suspecting her husband is nothing new, but there’s an added layer of complexity when the husband is a God-like superhero. How Debbie navigates that adds new levels of suspense and anxiety that raise the stakes of the story so much more. 

Newest Invincible Episode Has a Different Storytelling Style

Invincible episode 5 review Guardians. Image via Amazon Prime Video.

Invincible episode 5 is also about a new character, one seen at the beginning of the series. Titan (Mahershala Ali) is a low-level supervillain, who seems to have a heart of gold. The episode is structured around a back and forth between Mark’s superhero adventures and Titan’s supervillain ones. The episode does slightly skew more towards the character development of Titan, but that’s because of the shocking twist in the end.

Through Titan, Mark is introduced to the low-level bad guys and street-level crime, on top of the world-ending threats he’s used to. He learns about how crime and evil affects the everyday person and decides to do something about it. The results of which will have longer repercussions.

Overall Recommendation Of Invincible

Amber. Image via Amazon Prime Video.

So far Invincible is very much turning the usual superhero show on its head. The showrunners have a great way of creating a PG vibe with the bright and cheerful aesthetic of the show. Also adding to that with Mark’s light-hearted nature and idealism. And then brutally hit us over the head with the R-rated violence and gore. I highly recommend the show to everyone. 

Invincible episode 5 is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video. 

Featured image via Amazon Prime Video. 

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