Jacob Anderson Takes On A New Genre Role In Interview With The Vampire
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Jacob Anderson Will Play Louis In The Upcoming Interview With The Vampire Series For AMC

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BY September 3, 2021

The upcoming Interview With The Vampire adaptation has found its new Louis in Game of Thrones actor Jacob Anderson. The casting news comes after Australian actor Sam Reid was cast as the vampire Lestat, who is arguably the protagonist of the overall series. However, Interview With The Vampire does focus in on the character of Louis de Pointe du Lac quite a bit. He is the vampire speaking in the titular interview after all.

Jacob Anderson Takes On A New Genre Role In Interview With The Vampire

Jacob Anderson Interview With The Vampire Cast Louis Image via AMC

Anderson joins the cast fresh off filming a stint on the upcoming season of Doctor Who where he will play a roguish space-traveler. Anderson also portrayed the character of Grey Worm in Game of Thrones for many years. It was a minor role that he imbued with sensitivity and nuance, making Grey Worm a much more vital character. It is clear that Anderson is quickly becoming a popular choice for roles in genre television.

Louis and Lestat are among the most famous vampire couples in fictional history. Brad Pitt (Louis) and Tom Cruise (Lestat) famously brought these roles to life in the 1994 film adaptation. The character of Louis de Pointe du Lac is an aristocratic French gentleman. We first meet him sunk into a deep depression after the death of his brother. He wanders the streets of New Orleans, picking fights and chasing death. But when Louis becomes a vampire, he is tortured by the moral implications of killing for sustenance. Throughout all of The Vampire Chronicles, Louis is often the moral center and bleeding heart. He identifies more with humanity than other vampires, and often seeks a non-fatal method of feeding off humans.

What Does It Mean For Louis To Be A Black Man?

Jacob Anderson Doctor Who Jacob Anderson in Doctor Who | Image via BBC America

It should be noted that as a French plantation owner – in 19th century New Orleans – the character of Louis de Pointe du Lac definitely owns slaves. How this will play out in the series with a black man in the role is a point of debate in The Vampire Chronicles fandom. The history of the character from the books begins in France in the 1700’s. But it swiftly shifts to New Orleans long before the American Civil War abolished slavery.

Some fans are concerned that the adaptation might change the character of Louis. But I’m not sure that would be a terrible thing. In terms of personal history and background, the characters of Louis and Lestat are extremely similar. They are both aristocratic white French men with some pretty obvious queer coding. It might not be a bad idea to give Louis a different background. This would allow the new series to explore more of American culture over the years that the series covers. Despite the fact that the majority of Anne Rice’s books are set in New Orleans, the black experience is rarely touched upon. Shifting Louis from a white man to a mixed-race character will allow the series to explore more of the black culture and history that makes New Orleans so unique.

On the other hand, the showrunners might not change anything in the character’s history. They might simply allow a French landowner to be a free black man. There is some historical precedent for this as evidenced by the history of the Free People of Color in Louisiana. But whatever route the show takes, it would behoove them to explore this aspect of Louis’s identity as it is sure to add tension and complexity to a character already known for being brooding and complicated.

Who Will Join The Cast Of Interview With The Vampire Next?

Interview With The Vampire Sam Reid Cast Image via Penguin Random House

So now we have our main duo of Louis and Lestat cast for the upcoming Interview With The Vampire adaptation on AMC. Who will be next to join the cast? We still don’t have Claudia  – the child vampire brought to undead life by a young Kirsten Dunst in the 90’s. Or Daniel – the journalist interviewing Louis – who was portrayed by Christian Slater in the 1994 film. We will certainly be keeping an eye out for more casting news for Interview With The Vampire, and speculating on how these books will change as they are adapted for television. To stay up to date, be sure to follow Comic Years on Facebook and Twitter today.

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