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Hunters Renewed for Season 2 at Amazon: Just Axe the Axis

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BY August 5, 2020

Remember Hunters, the show we all watched and liked quite a bit? Remember how it ended on a positively bonkers note? Yes. No? If you’re shaking your head, then go watch all of the episodes immediately. Then meet me back here so we can talk about how Amazon renewed Hunters for a second season. The password is “Er ist weider da.”

What Happened on Hunters Season 1, Or, Let’s Say Giant SPOILERY Things About the Ending

What happened during season 1? Well, first, the show’s official Twitter account roasted me for my crush on Greg Austin, aka Travis. (I have now moved on to Wolfgang Novogratz. Please update your notes accordingly.) But if you’re talking about the show, then I must give one more SPOILER WARNING before we carry on.

hunters renewed season 2 image via Amazon Prime Video

Okay, you can’t get mad now. Anyway, as you’ll recall season 1 ended with two massive revelations. Number one, that Meyer Offerman (Al Pacino), the Hunters’ leader, had been hunting himself the entire time. After Jonah (Logan Lerman) finds who he thinks is infamous Nazi doctor “The Wolf,” Meyer’s behavior during and after the killing makes Jonah suspicious. He realizes to his horror that Meyer is actually The Wolf. Although Meyer claims that he’s been living a Jewish life and killing former Nazis as penance, Jonah can’t accept that and kills Meyer.

That was a shocker, of course, but nothing compared to the final scenes. In a twist that harks back to The Twilight Zone episode “He’s Back,” he’s, well, back. Actually, he’s not back–it would seem that Hitler never left. Like the conspiracy theories always said, he’s been hiding out in Argentina. And the mysterious Colonel (Lena Olin), who’s been hard at work creating the Viertes Reich? Well, she’s actually Mrs. Hitler, Eva Braun. Then there are the four identical young boys who have lunch with them (and poor Joe (Louis Ozawa), whom they’ve kidnapped). Those creepy kids are shades of The Boys from Brazil. (Hunters creator David Weil says they’re not clones, though.)

What’s in Store Now That Amazon Renewed Hunters for Season 2?

It’s unclear at this point what actors will return. There have been no confirmations. However, Weil has already talked about what a second season would look like, so we have some clues. In season 1, for example, Sister Harriet (Kate Mulvany) mentioned the Nazis that were still in Europe. So it seems likely that the Hunters will roam a new continent.

Weil also told Forbes, “I was intrigued by the opportunity to, if we are to have a second season and have it be in Europe, see how stories can take our characters almost to the past. I think that Season 1 is very much about the present and I think Season 2, if there is one, the opportunity to take us into the past, to be closer to the site of where Jonah’s ancestors—where his grandmother or his grandfather—were from.

hunters renewed season 2 Lonnie (Josh Radnor), image via Amazon Prime Video

To explore home in a way. For Sister Harriet as well even for Lonnie, whose ancestors were all from Europe. I think there’s the opportunity to really go home to learn who you are and to discover your ancestry in a visceral way.”

In addition, Weil would also like to use the Travis character as an entry point to exploring the rise of neo-Nazism in the United States. As he told Forbes, “If we’re so lucky to get future seasons, I want Travis to be a cipher into that world and into that movement, so that we can try and understand how this evil movement took root.”

Sounds like they’ve got plenty of adventure to come. Lord knows there’s still plenty of Nazis to hunt.

But while the show has been renewed, it is unknown at this time when we can expect the second season. Still looking forward to it, though–any time, any place.

Are you looking forward to Hunters season 2? Tell us in the comments here or on social media.

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