Henry Cavill Witcher Performance In Season 2 Inspired By The Troops
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Henry Cavill’s The Witcher Performance In Season 2 Inspired By The Troops

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BY April 28, 2022

Some of us are still waiting on that Man Of Steel sequel, whereas the Henry Cavill Witcher performance is winning hearts all over the place. Recently released on Netflix, Cavill in The Witcher season 2 is different from the brooding warrior and is placed in a more ensemble setting. In an interview, Henry Cavill discusses The Witcher season 2 cast, and how the inspiration for his performance in that ensemble came from the Troops. Talking about the brotherhood aspect of a group of Witchers in their home and stronghold, he talks about a childhood desire that became realized in The Witcher season 2. 

Henry Cavill’s Witcher Performance Was Different From Season 1

Fight. Image via Netflix.

Season 1 of The Witcher on Netflix was all about a serious and loner titular character played by Henry Cavill. Considered mutants, Witchers were boys mutated into beings with power and strength who can also wield some magic. Acting as mercenary monster hunters, season 1 showed Cavill’s Geralt as the lone Witcher whom the story entered around. Geralt spoke very little and let his actions do most of the talking. Until he meets the love of his life, at least. But the Henry Cavill Witcher performance changed slightly in season 2, given the journey the character went on.

While on his own in season 1, season 2 had Geralt return to his home and re-join his comrades; the other remaining Witchers. Going from being a solo act to a man with a destiny, in the form of a young child, Geralt’s story took him down a more personal route. One that also saw him interact with multiple characters whom he considered his brothers. It was divergent from what we got in season 1 because it showcased a softer and more vulnerable side of the character. And there’s a very specific reason why Henry Cavill’s Witcher performance was so believable in season 2, despite that sudden shift in the character.

The Witcher Season 2 Cast Dynamic Inspired By The Troops

Henry Cavill Witcher performance Witchers. Image via Netflix.

In a recent interview with Polygon, Henry Cavill reveals how his Witcher performance came from a desire he had as a young man. Apparently, before his acting career, Cavill wanted to join the British Royal Marines. Cavil aspired to experience the dynamic of serving with like-minded soldiers, fighting side by side for a shared cause. Seeing that Geralt was returning to his brotherhood of Witchers who did just that, that bond is something that Cavill was easily able to portray, given his own previous ambitions.

“This warrior brotherhood, which lives in the mountains and is misunderstood, both deliberately and accidentally, has gone through things that people don’t recognize or understand. —Henry Cavill; Polygon.

The Justice League star speaks of the experiences of others and how that influenced his season 2 performance.

“I have the very good fortune of knowing people who have done extraordinary things in the armed forces. And the warrior brotherhood that I see represented in those people, you realize how soulful these individuals are, and the bond that they have with one another.” —Henry Cavill; Polygon.

Henry Cavill In The Witcher Season 2 Has A Mentor

Father. Image via Netflix.

The Witcher season 2 also saw Cavill’s Geralt get a mentor. The interview featured comments from the actor playing his mentor, Vesemir, Kim Bodnia. And Bodnia even mentions how so much of his own performance as Geralt’s father figure, came from Cavill’s.

“I was definitely stealing from Henry, come on! I really did. That’s not a secret. The way he’s talking, the way he’s modelling. So I thought, okay, that could be connected that he took that from his father. He did a nice voice!” — Kim Bodnia; Polygon.

Bodnia is one of many new additions to The Witcher season 2 cast, that further enhances and elaborates on the back story of Geralt of Rivia. The titular Witcher is no longer special in season 2, seeing how there are other Witchers now in the story. Given that, Henry Cavill’s Witcher performance this season had to stand out. Showrunner Lauren Shmidt Hissrich discussed in the interview how much Cavil himself influenced those changes .

“The conversations that Henry and I had were were really great. He was so passionate about showing male friendship in a new light.” Laurnen Shmidt Hissrich; Polygon. 

The Loner Hero Trope in Fantasy Fiction

Henry Cavill Witcher performance Vesemir. . Image via Netflix.

The loner-and-grumpy hero archetype is hard to transition into one who cares about others and is endearing for it. Whereas Geralt’s evolution from a grumbling anti-hero into a full-on father figure for the central character in The Witcher feels a lot more natural. And now we know that so much of that is, in so many ways, not only due to Henry Cavill’s performance but Cavill himself.

Being a total The Witcher fan, Cavill imbued his performance from source material from the books by Andrzej Sapkowski. His suggestions to the showrunner further fleshed out the character. Not to mention even the authenticity of Cavill’s fight performance that was beloved and appreciated by fans and experts alike.

Both seasons of The Witcher is now streaming on Netflix.

What did you think about Henry Cavill’s Witcher performance? Did these personal did bits reveal any additional insight into his portrayal? Let us know in the comments below.

Featured image via Netflix.

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