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HBO Max Removes Westworld From The Streaming Platform’s Catalog

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BY December 14, 2022

HBO Max’s series Westworld from writers Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan has been canceled. After four seasons of broadcasting, HBO Max decided to close this story, saying goodbye to Michael Crichton.

But the thing did not stop there. At this time, the corporation permanently removed the series from its platform. Although Westworld is one of the most representative series in recent years and had good results from the beginning, its last season did not have the expected impact.

Evan Rachel Wood on Westworld Image via HBO

Everything indicates that HBO Max continues with the strategy of not having more losses, so any series that does not meet the minimum audience will be off the grid. This could give an undesirable image to this company for continuing to present red numbers to its board of directors.

Westworld Eliminated from HBO Max

HBO Max has definitively eliminated Westworld, the series that began with an adaptation of Michael Crichton to a much more contemporary television format. Westworld had great acceptance at the beginning, which in its last season, did not know how to maintain.

The cast was formed by Anthony Hopkins, Evan Rachel Wood, Jeffrey Wright, and Ed Harris, recently incorporating Aaron Paul. After only four seasons, the company decided to eliminate the series from its catalog due to low ratings. This decision does not mean users cannot access HBO Max’s Westworld on the Warner Bros. Discovery platform in the future. However, the news is still shocking, showing how the company is doing.

Westworld Logo Image via HBO Max

The cancellation of Westworld represented losses of many millions of dollars, and despite this, the board decided to nip the problem in the bud to keep the numbers in the red. In an interview Jonathan Nolan had with Deadline months ago, he explained, “We’ve always planned the series for a fifth and final season. I’m very hopeful that we’ll make it.” Unfortunately, David Zaslav has shown his dissatisfaction with the loss of audience, hence the drastic decision taken.

For many, these decisions affect the HBO Max streaming service, so cancellations could continue appearing until the new Warner Bros. directive determines what they are looking for.

Other Series Cancelled

Westworld is not the only series HBO Max canceled. As Deadline reported, there are also Minx, The Nevers, and Love Life, which will disappear from HBO’s catalog. It seems like HBO Max will not allow any more losses. When they released the news of the cancelation of Batgirl, Hollywood was shocked. We know this happened a few months ago, but it’s been a downhill slide from there. Cancellations keep occurring, so no title is safe.

The Nevers premiered this 2022 in the spring, and having already the rest of the other seasons filmed; it also goes out of the ring. So it is expected to disappear permanently from the United States and gradually from other territories.

Minx suffered the same fate. This dramedy about an erotic magazine focused on women dating back to the 70s was also canceled. No matter the good reviews received, with a renewed second season, the series will be deleted from HBO’s catalog. As a result, the production company, Lionsgate Television, is looking to sell the series to other platforms.

Westworld (HBO) | Series Image via HBO Max

Love Life is also leaving HBO Max’s spotlight and schedule. The romantic-style series produced by Anna Kendrick will not have its third season. Although we know it is not official, everything seems to be going that way.

As we remember, even Warner Bros. is making adjustments and reforms with the merger with Discovery. Hence, the decisions have affected the television and film industry, seeking new frontiers to survive. The latest decisions of director David Zaslav are aimed at increasing audiences, so projects and franchises must comply with that premise. Thus, DC Studios has become one of the main priorities next to Harry Potter, the famous saga that is about to sign a TV series.



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