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Halo 2 Season Filming Hasn’t Started Yet (2022)

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BY March 25, 2022

While the Halo TV show hasn’t had its first episode released yet, that doesn’t mean that talk hasn’t turned to a follow-up. With the Halo second season having already been confirmed, fans of the media franchise have begun wondering when they can start hearing news about it. As it turns out the Halo second season filming schedule is closer than many fans would think.

At least, that’s what Halo executive producer Kiki Wolfkill claims. While Wolfkill works for 343 Industries, she claims that the second season of Halo will enter full production “before too long.” That should please fans of the franchise, which has had multiple live-action projects over the years.

Despite this, the upcoming show is the first time that it’s gotten a proper adaptation; previous projects largely focused on introducing characters coming to the games, such as Locke. That hasn’t stopped the excitement about the upcoming season from growing.

Halo 2 Season Filming Will Start “Soon”

Halo second season TV series Image via CBS interactive

The second season of Halo was confirmed in February, although it was announced that there would be some changes behind the scenes. Perhaps the most notable of these is that David Weiner, a former executive producer on Fear The Walking Dead, would be replacing Steven Kane as showrunner.

That hasn’t stopped the series from getting closer and closer to the Halo second season filming schedule. Instead, it seems as though pre-production on the series has been well underway for some time. As executive producer Kiki Wolfkill claims, while the season is still in early development, it shouldn’t take too long before filming is underway.

As she tells TechRadar:

“We’re early-ish . I think we kind of ploughed ahead in the hope we would get greenlit for another outing. You know, not unlike a game you finish, you immediately have lots of things we want to do. People are exhausted but also excited to take forward what we learned or the ideas we didn’t get to implement. So we’re aiming towards getting back into production before too long, and we’re super thankful for the renewal.”

Executive Producer Kiki Wolfkill Spills the Beans on The Second Season Of Halo

Despite the fact that work is already underway, there’s no official news on when filming will start. It’s also worth noting that the release date would be even further away. As fans would expect of such a show, there’s an extensive amount of post-production involved in the Halo TV show.

As a result, the second season’s release date could still be months after filming wraps. Regardless, the fact that work is already underway on the season should be a positive sign. At a minimum, fans shouldn’t have to wait years between seasons to get their fix.


The Halo television show premieres on Paramount Plus from March 24.

Are you looking forward to the show? What do you think of the Halo second season filming schedule being closer than expected? Were you surprised that the second season of Halo was announced before the first even aired? Tell us in the comments!

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