Grant Gustin Season 9 Renewal - New Deal For The Flash Seems Likely
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Grant Gustin Season 9 Renewal – New Deal For The Flash Seems Likely

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BY April 9, 2022

It looks like The Flash might be getting another season! A Season 9 renewal for the hit CW The Flash seems very likely to happen after a report that star Grant Gustin is nearing a new one-year deal. The series is currently in its eighth season and another season had been up in the air for a while. The Flash debuted its newest season in late 2021 with the five-episode Armageddon crossover, featuring other Arrowverse stars. The rest of the seasons doesn’t pick up until March, and we didn’t know if it was Barry Allen’s swan song on the CW. Hopefully, it’s not.

What Would the Grant Gustin Renewal Contract Include?

grant gustin season 9 renewal Image via the CW

There was some talk that a multi-year renewal was on the table, but for now, it seems that Gustin is going with the one-year contract deal. Gustin is supposedly getting a sizable raise for the renewal, with his current salary believed to be about $200,000 an episode, and he’s capped his involvement with a new season at 15 episodes. Given that the CW is now for sale, it’s unclear how this could potentially affect new contracts and salaries going forward.

It’s not a shock that Gustin would be back for Season 9 of The Flash. Back in 2020, Gustin had gone on Smallville alum Michael Rosenbaum’s podcastInside of You, where they discussed the possibility of more seasons. Gustin made it sound like fans could look forward to more, but it was unclear because of the pandemic. He said:

“The conversations actually had started already for adding a potential eighth and ninth (season), but then this pandemic happened, and everything has stopped. We don’t know when we’re back, and I don’t know when we’re going to continue the renegotiation talks.”

While it’s no secret that the pandemic has greatly affected both filming schedules, Season 8 kicked off last November and brought fans the epic “Armageddon” event, but no idea on whether Season 9 was on the table. Other OG Flash characters Jesse L. Martin (Joe West), Candice Patton (Iris West), and Danielle Panabaker (Caitlin Snow) agreed to new Flash deals last year, but it didn’t specify if that included Season 9.

Will A Season 9 Be The Last Season as Part of the New Deal?

grant gustin season 9 renewal Image via the CW

There are a lot of rumors floating around that a ninth season of The Flash could be the last, and honestly, it’s a solid run. Arrow ended in Season 8 while other shows last much longer (Smallville wrapped after 10 years while Supernatural went on for a record 15 years). Gustin himself said on Inside of You that playing Barry Allen did take away from some other projects he had been interested in. He said:

“I’m very aware especially in certain moments of how lucky I am and how different things could have gone up until this point. (But) there’s plenty of things I that I feel like I’ve missed out on. The past four hiatuses now, I’ve had a hiatus project that has fallen through because of The Flash. There’s a lot of other opportunities out there that have (gone away) because of scheduling conflicts.”

However, Gustin realized that his words could have been misconstrued. Shortly after being on Rosenbaum’s podcast, he talked to Entertainment Tonight and clarified things, saying:

“I can definitely see myself doing more than just the one (season) that I have left on this current contract. Seven (seasons) is it for most of the cast actually, but I think it would be great if we can continue after that. I may never have a job this cool again, that this many people actually tune in to watch, so I’m not gonna take it for granted.”

You can continue to watch Season 8 of The Flash on the CW when it begins again on March 9. Seasons 1-7 are currently on Netflix.

What do you think the Grant Gustin Season 9 deal renewal means for The Flash series as a whole? Will it continue to the tenth season? Do you think it should end? Let us know in the comments below!

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