Godzilla TV Series Teases Monarch's Role With New Photos
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Godzilla TV Series Teases Monarch’s Role With Newly Released Photo

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BY October 2, 2022

The newly released photo from the Godzilla TV series teases the role of the Monarch in the show’s plot and its role in the expansion of MonsterVerse.

The MonsterVerse is expanding its lore and stories about the iconic kaijus. Aside from the Godzilla vs. Kong sequel currently in the making, a new live-action Godzilla TV series will also premiere on Apple TV+. Legendary and Warner Bros. started building up the foundations of MonsterVerse back in 2014 with Godzilla. Marvel alumni Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen top-billed the movie with Gareth Edwards as its director. Since then, the MonsterVerse has expanded more with the release of Kong: Skull Island in 2017, Godzilla: King of the Monsters in 2019, and Godzilla vs. Kong last year.

Now, in a newly released photo from Legendary, the company teases us with the role of Monarch in the upcoming Godzilla TV series.

The photo shared on Twitter shows an old bag with a logo of Monarch on it. The old bag sits on top of a table, and beside it are images of Titans or places where these giants were last seen. The photo comes after the official start of production for the TV series a few weeks ago.

Godzilla TV series: What do we know so far?

There’s not much available online regarding the upcoming Godzilla TV series. But based on the information about the cast who’ll appear in this show and the photo Legendary posted, it seems like the show will centre on the role of Monarch in the MonsterVerse.

Last month, Apple released some information about the TV show. The release says the series will follow the events after Godzilla vs. Kong, when the two Titans fought and levelled San Francisco. More so, the story “explores one’s family’s journey to uncover its buried secrets and a legacy linking them to the secret organization known as the Monarch.”

The release also announces the first five cast members joining the Godzilla TV series:

Anna Sawai (“Pachinko,” “F9”) as ‘Cate,’ a former schoolteacher and a G-Day survivor, she travels to Japan to settle family affairs but instead uncovers a family secret. Tired of running from her problems, she is determined to find answers.

Newcomer Ren Watabe (“461 Days of Bento”) as ‘Kentaro,’ an intelligent, creative and curious young man who has yet to find his own path. He will embark on a quest to learn more about his revered yet mysterious father and discover his own talents in the process.

Kiersey Clemons (“Hearts Beat Loud,” “The Young Wife”) as ‘May,’ an American ex-pat with a roguish exterior that she uses to protect herself as well as others. Whether it be deciphering a code or finding the loophole, she is always three steps ahead of everyone around her.

Joe Tippett (“Mare of Easttown,” “The Morning Show,” “Rise”) as ‘Tim,’ an office drone who dreams of secret agent adventure. His overconfidence gets him in trouble in the field, but he is determined not to fail his organization.

Elisa Lasowski (“Versailles”) as ‘Duvall,’ an expert operative with unwavering confidence in herself and her skills. She also possesses a wry sense of humor, which she uses to guide her less field-oriented colleague. 

Godzilla tv series Warner Bros. Pictures

Legendary Television will produce the series, and Matt Shakman, the man behind Marvel’s WandaVision, will be directing the first two episodes of the series. Chris Black and Matt Fraction will be the executive producers of the show. Black has previously worked as a producer for shows like Star Trek: Enterprise, Mad Men, and Outcast. Meanwhile, Fraction is well known for his works in comics, and one of these includes Hawkeye — the same comics that inspired last year’s Disney+ series.

Aside from the Godzilla TV series, sources say that an upcoming anime series, Skull Island, is also in the making.

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