Ghost Rider In She-Hulk: Could The Vigilante Be Back?
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Ghost Rider In She-Hulk: Could The Vigilante Be Back?

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BY October 10, 2022

A new fan theory suggests that the Marvel character Ghost Rider could appear in the new Disney- series She-Hulk. Ever since we saw the latest She-Hulk trailer, it’s been clear that the show is full of cameos. The trailer includes characters like Emil Blonsky/Abomination, Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk, Daredevil and Doctor Strange’s Wong.

Fans believe the series could include another surprise character, Ghost Rider. The theory is based first on the series director’s statements, saying there would be many surprises. Also, fans base their approach on the recent She-Hulk trailer, which seems to include Ghost Rider’s references.

Marvel's Ghost Rider Image via Sony Pictures

Was Ghost Rider in the She-Hulk Trailer?

The new She-Hulk trailer could hint at Ghost Rider’s introduction to the MCU. The show’s director, Kat Coiro, said She-Hulk would have “some big surprises coming to regarding the fourth wall.” Does that imply that She-Hulk could meet other Marvel characters, including Ghost Rider?

Fans seem to think it does. It all started when Entertainment Tonight posted a featurette, and the Twitter account @OneTakeNews noticed the inclusion of a poster that seemed to reference Johnny Blaze. Fans immediately noticed that the letter count for the name does not correspond to “Johnny”. In contrast, others mentioned it looks more like “Donny”.

Fans then continued analyzing the featurette and pointed out that this poster appears in a scene where Wong seems to be interrupting a magic show, which could confirm Donny Blaze is a magician. In the She-Hulk: Attorney at Law trailer, we see that same magician in minute 2:19. Theories say this could be a reboot for Ghost Rider’s origin story. However, others think that “Donny Blaze” could be Marvel’s way to foreshadow Ghost Rider’s introduction to the MCU.

Ghost Rider in She-Hulk Image via Marvel Studios

One unlikely thing is to have Nicolas Cage playing this character again for Marvel. Still, we know Ryan Gosling confessed an enormous interest in playing this classic role. For now, all is conjecture, although the theory makes some sense, as it would allow bringing back a Marvel character who hasn’t been around for a while. These images could indicate his appearance in She-Hulk or at least confirm we will see him soon.

What are the Real Chances?

The possibility of seeing Ghost Rider in She-Hulk can be high if we consider Marvel is re-introducing characters that have been forgotten. We must also remember that Ghost Rider has been tied to Hulk before in the comic books. First, he appeared in the World War Hulk comics, where Hulk fights Jhonny Blaze during this crossover.

World War Hulk vs Ghost Rider Image via Marvel Comics

Another similar appearance is in the animated series, in which the Hulk is responsible for multiple destructions and injuries in the city. Ghost Rider believes the news and sets out to hunt down the green giant. However, he sees the truth in Hulk’s friend’s memories and helps him escape from the military. Ghost Rider’s connection to Hulk could mean a direct link to his cousin, She-Hulk. He might show up while Wong is hunting different demons and creatures, trying to send them to the underworld.

One last possibility considers the legal aspect of the show. Perhaps Jennifer Walters will end up representing Johnny (or Donny) Blaze in an upcoming trial. For now, we will have to wait for the surprises Kat Coiro, She-Hulk’s director, promised. The show will premiere on Disney+ next August 17, when we will finally discover if Johnny Blaze will make his entrance into the MCU.

If Ghost Rider is finally coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, who would you like to see playing this iconic character? Write their name in the comment section!

Featured Image via Marvel Comics


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