Full Trailer For Helstrom Looks Like Another Of Marvel’s Horror Projects
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The New Full Trailer For Helstrom Looks Eerily Like Another Of Marvel’s Horror Projects

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BY September 27, 2020

After a presence at the recent Comic-Con At Home, the new Marvel’s Helstrom full trailer gives us an extended look at the last Marvel Television product. It’s unclear if this series takes place in the proper Marvel Cinematic Universe or is adjacent in the multiverse, much like the Agents of SHIELD finale. Originally part of a suite of programs for FX/Hulu, including a now-canceled Ghost Rider series with Gabriel Luna, Helstrom gives us more Marvel-based horror, with some similarities to The New Mutants, another Marvel comics property recently released. Once part of a series of shows set for Hulu, Helstrom now stands alone. It is the last vestige of the old Marvel Television outfit, so it has an uphill battle ahead.

The Helstrom Family Comes To Live-Action

Marvel's Helstrom Full Trailer Mama Image via screengrab

The Helstrom siblings from Marvel Comics are characters who are the children of Satan himself and a human woman. While the Satan angle was later retconned into a lesser demon, the consequences of having half Satan/demon lineage makes them both special. After the truth came out about their father, their mother went insane. Both the children grew up separately and lived separate lives. The son, Daimon Helstrom, lives as a human, developing some powers and growing up to fight demons himself. While his sister Satana fully gave herself over to the demon side of her origin and grew up in hell with all the powers that come with it. 

In the comics, both Daimon and Satana were part of, or came across some major Marvel Comics characters such as the Avengers and the Defenders. Their direct connection to some of Marvel’s most high profile characters makes them  perfect characters to bring to live-action as part of a new branch of the Marvel Cinematic Universe TV. Although actually crossing over into the films is an unlikely possibility, Marvel’s Helstrom full trailer shows these characters have their own problems beyond those of the larger MCU. Yet, as Marvel Studios prepares to explore the multiverse in Phase 4, they can take a cue from their rival, DC, by suggesting everything is connected.

The Full Marvel’s Helstrom Trailer Is Slow and Feels a Lot Like The New Mutants

Marvel's Helstrom Full Trailer Alien Thing Image via screengrab

The first full Marvel’s Helstrom trailer moves at a glacial pace. The story is all about the Helstrom family; brother Daimon and sister Ana, changed from Satana because it was too on-the-nose. (They also changed the name from “Hellstrom” to “Helstrom.”) Their mother is institutionalized due to a family tragedy. In the original Hulu TV series, the Helstroms are siblings of a serial killer and not a demon. This change is probably to reveal their father’s demonic origins slowly, over the period of a season or two of the series. The trailer doesn’t shy away from any of the demonic or occult elements of the series, with lots of talk about magic and curses. 

The last part of the full Marvel’s Helstrom trailer does give hints at magical action, demonic powers, and other interesting sequences. Although it doesn’t really save the trailer for me. The show honestly looks like a shell of what the original Marvel comics characters are. The most interesting part of the trailer is a glimpse of Daimon, finally manifesting his powers. In the comics, Daimon’s full demon powers came from a Darksoul stemming from a birthmark on his chest. We get to see the glowing chest in the final moments of the Helstrom trailer. 

All in all the full Marvel’s Helstrom trailer feels kind of lackluster. The effects and visual tone of the show feel very low budget. Not that that’s a bad thing, but definitely not what you expect of a show supposedly kicking off an Adventure into Fear lineup of Marvel comics shows. So while the idea and origin behind the Helstrom characters are unique, the trailer for the show at least doesn’t seem to live up to it. Yet.

Helstrom premieres on Hulu on October 16. 

What did you think about the new Helstrom trailer? Let me know in the comments below. 

Featured image via Hulu. 

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