'For All Mankind' Trailer Shows Apple TV+ Series Set In An Alt-History
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‘For All Mankind’ Trailer Shows The New Apple TV+ Series Set In An Alternate History

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BY May 20, 2022

Apple’s new streaming service reveals a new original series where women are the future of space exploration. The new For All Mankind trailer shows an alternate history that tells the story about the struggle of women astronauts in the 1960s.

For All Mankind is set in an America that looks very similar to the one we’re used to. With one key difference. Russians were the first to land on the moon. The series is an alternate history show, very much like The Man In The High Castle. With Russians on the Moon first, the space race pivots into becoming something very different. The race is on to put the first woman in space. Thus necessitating women to become astronauts in the first place. Which seems to be a 2019 trend given the amount of space-driven or astronaut dramas we’ve had. Like Natalie Portman’s Lucy In The Sky, or even the highly buzzed about Ad Astra with Brad Pitt. 

Alternatively, this alt-history series is one fans want to see, other than the planned (and now canceled) Confederate series by David Benioff and D. B. Weiss about an America where the South won the Civil War.

The Women in For All Mankind

The women in the For All Mankind trailer. Image via Apple TV+

The new series takes a look at how everyday women in the 60’s react to a new opportunity to go further than anyone has gone before. Literally. The trailer shows how many average women rise to the challenge and the obvious conflicts and drama that result from those decisions.

Mostly unfamiliar actors portray the women who train to become astronauts in this new original. But it’s not all newcomers as the series does feature some familiar faces.

For All Mankind Trailer Features An Ensemble Cast

The most recognizable face in the new show is that of Joel Kinnaman (Altered Carbon, The Suicide Squad). The actor appears in a role as an astronaut himself. From the trailer, we know very little about his story. Other than the fact that his character is the husband to another familiar actor in the series. Shantel VanSanten (The Boys, The Flash) plays Kinnaman’s character’s wife and a contender in the space race.

Besides a few other familiar character actors, For All Mankind seems to feature largely newcomers. But the creator of the series is quite well-known.

From Star Trek And Battlestar Galactica To A Different Space Show

Ronald D. Moore is highly revered in the science fiction genre. Starting in the Star Trek franchise as a writer and producer, Moore’s biggest claim to fame was his reboot of the critically acclaimed Battlestar Galactica as a gritty sci-fi adventure story.

Moore returns with For All Mankind, which is notably different from his other works, more grounded in reality, but still about space adventuring. Besides his affinity for sci-fi, Moore’s shows always feature incredible character drama. And if that’s all to look forward to from For All Mankind, then that might just be enough. Yet, this could be the sort of prestige series AppleTV+ needs to gain ground as one of the upcoming contenders in the streaming wars.

For All Mankind premieres on the Apple TV+ streaming service on November 1, 2019.

What did you think about the For All Mankind trailer? Let us know in the comments below.

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