Flash Renewed for Season 9 - Superman & Lois, And Other CW Renewals
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Flash Renewed for Season 9 With Superman & Lois, And Other CW Renewals

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BY March 25, 2022

One time, when this site locked me out, Joshua reset my password to “RIVERDALE20SEASONS.” (Don’t fret, I have changed it since then.) This week, that show inched closer to halfway there, as The CW renewed Riverdale for a seventh season. While I come to terms with that, there is also news on other shows. Namely, that the network renewed The Flash for season 9 and that they renewed Superman & Lois for season 3. Let’s talk about that, as well as some other shows that did or did not make it (yet).

The Flash Renewed for Season 9 and Superman & Lois Renewed for Season 3

Neither the Flash renewal, nor the Superman & Lois order come as a huge surprise. Both shows, after all, are big performers for the network. Superman & Lois, in particular, also does well on HBO Max, according to The Hollywood Reporter. This being the age of the streaming wars, of course, networks don’t just rely on live viewing anymore. Those numbers still count, but it’s more realistic to expect people to watch shows later. As such, DVR viewings and streaming are also important.

flash renewed season 9 superman lois renewed season 3 image via The CW

In addition, as we reported earlier, Flash star Grant Gustin’s new deal with the network seemed to bode well for a Flash season 9 renewal. With a ninth season, by the way, the series becomes the longest-running in the Arrowverse, surpassing Arrow itself, which ran for 8 seasons. Further, while Gustin has expressed interest in other work, it’s unknown yet if season 9 will be the final season for The Flash.

The CW Issued Renewals for a Number of Other Shows

Along with Superman & Lois being renewed for season 3, The CW also reupped additional shows on its slate. Along with the aforementioned Riverdale, another no-brainer was another season for Walker. The show, now in its second season, stars Jared Padalecki, who, of course, also starred in the network’s longest-running show period, Supernatural. That show will be getting a prequel focusing on Winchester parents John and Mary. Meanwhile, Walker itself is getting a spin-off. Walker: Independence is also a prequel, but a really “pre” one–it’s set in the 1800s.

flash renewed season 9 nancy drew renewed season 4 Nancy Drew, image via The CW

Other shows the CW renewed include All-American and Kung Fu. Another pleasant surprise was that they renewed Nancy Drew for season 4. Personally, I liked but did not love season 3, so I’m hoping the show can get back to its season 2 greatness. On a related note, the network has not yet renewed Tom Swift, but that’s okay. Season 1 hasn’t even aired yet, so there’s still time.

There is still no news on other shows, like Stargirl, The 4400, Legends of Tomorrow, Batwoman, and All-American‘s own spin-off Homecoming. The CW has also not given Roswell, New Mexico the greenlight for another season. However, the show, like Stargirl and Tom Swift, has yet to air its upcoming season.

Are you excited that they renewed The Flash for season 9 or that they renewed Superman & Lois for season 3? What about the rest of the CW shows? Tell us in these comments or on our social media what you’re looking forward to seeing return.

featured image via The CW

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