Sharon Carter, Karli Morgenthau Originally Had A More Complicated Story
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Sharon Carter And Karli Morgenthau Originally Had a Much More Complicated Story in FatWS

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BY April 28, 2021

One of the biggest surprises of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier (TFatWS) was that Sharon Carter, niece of legendary Peggy Carter, went rogue. Not just rogue, but full-on supervillain rogue. She was the one behind the new super-soldier serum and Karli’s supplier. But as it turns out, Marvel Studios had much bigger plans for the two characters. In fact, in FatWS, Sharon Carter and Karli Morgenthau weren’t just arms dealer and buyer – they were master and apprentice.

Sharon Carter and Karli Morganthau in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Had Bigger Plans

Sharon Carter Karli Morgenthau FatWS Sharon and Karli, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Agent 13 Emily VanCamp Sharon Carter Madripoor Image via Marvel Studios

In an interview on Marvel’s website, actresses Emily VanCamp – Sharon Carter – and  Erin Kellyman – Karli Morgenthau – revealed a lot about the original FatWS plans. “Sharon recruited Karli at a younger age and trained her,” Kellyman explained in the interview. “She was going to create this little army of super soldiers. In Episode 6, we learn wanted to control the world while I wanted to change it. That’s why Karli left and created the group, the Flag Smashers. Sharon trained Karli for everything—she’s the reason Karli knows everything she knows, fighting-wise.”

Unfortunately, due to the global pandemic, Marvel Studios had to cut several plots from the show. But there might be hope for the lost plotline Sharon and Karli shared in TFatWS. Later in the interview, VanCamp says, “Obviously, she has a much bigger plan, and it’s not for the greater good like it used to be. As the person playing the character, I understand that perspective; she doesn’t trust the government anymore, and she wants to stick it to them a little bit. What that all means? I don’t know. We’ll see.”

So, do you want to see Sharon try taking over the world in Amor Wars? Or maybe we’ll see Sharon in Captain America 4 that Spellman, in the showrunner, is writing. Also, if you want to hear about our support for Sharon, not so much for Karli, in FatWS, check out our podcast!

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