Dystopian K-Drama ‘Black Knight’ Shows Effects of Air Pollution
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Dystopian K-Drama ‘Black Knight’ Shows Effects of Air Pollution

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BY May 7, 2023

The rise of K-Dramas in the last couple of years is giving us all we ever wanted from a TV series. Apart from the romance which is on another level in K-dramas, we also get a dark element in the upcoming dystopian K-drama ‘Black Knight’. The upcoming Netflix drama is coming in just a few days, so read on to find out what you can expect. 

What is Dystopian K-Drama Black Knight About?

Set in 2071, the upcoming dystopian K-drama Black Knight shows the planet as it suffers from air pollution. Along with the planet, people are fighting pollution and trying to rebuild society once again.

However, the powerful clan titled the Cheonmyeong Group is manipulating society from the top. That is until Sa-wol decides to stand up to them. Sa-wol is a refugee and a deliveryman that carries the weight of people’s supply necessities. Without the deliverymen, this society would soon shatter into pieces.

Moreover, these masked deliverymen serve humanity under the title of black knights. Will they successfully stand up to the chaotic regime? In a world without clean air, without enough food, and without order, these deliverymen are the only reason people are still alive. 

Black Knight Black Knight by Netflix

Netflix’s Black Knight: Release Date & Cast

With the expansion of Netflix’s K-drama program, we are going to have another amazing addition to the library. Episode 1 of the upcoming dystopian K-drama Black Knight is coming to the Netflix streaming platform on May 12th, 2023. 

The South-Korean drama will mainly focus on the effects of air pollution. This is why many fans are comparing this TV series to the popular American franchise Mad Max. On another note, read on to find out the main cast and the team behind this dystopian K-drama. 

Firstly, the main character is Sa-wol, a refugee and a deliveryman from 2071. The popular Korean actor Kang Yoo-seok will portray Sa-wol, while his co-star is Kim Woo-bin. In addition, the cast will include popular actors and K-drama rising stars such as Song Seung-heon, Kim Eui-sung, Jin Kyung, and Yu Seong-ju. 

When it comes to the directing team, Cho Ui-seok will serve as the project director. He’s previously worked on big South-Korean projects such as Cold Eyes, Master, and Golden Slumber. This dystopian K-drama will be the TV adaptation of the popular webtoon Delivery Knight

“First time reading the webtoon, I found the setup to be extremely innovative. It’s not the delivery men that we know of – they fight off the hunters to deliver oxygen and daily necessities, meaning that they play the most crucial role in the survival of the remaining mankind. That really appealed to me.” Cho Ui-seok, director of dystopian K-drama Black Knight

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