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Captain Jack Will Return To Doctor Who For The Upcoming Holiday Special!

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BY November 25, 2020

Some exciting Doctor Who news today! Although we still do not have an air date for the upcoming Doctor Who holiday special, we do know that one familiar and beloved face will return for the episode. That’s right, Captain Jack is coming back to Doctor Who!

Captain Jack Is Back For The “Revolution of the Daleks”

The holiday special is titled “Revolution of the Daleks” and finds the Doctor’s companions of Ryan, Graham, and Yaz stuck on Earth wondering if they will ever see the Doctor again. The Doctor of course is still trapped in an alien prison thanks to the machinations of The Master last season. Presumably she will eventually escape and make her way to Earth to help out her friends as they face a brand new Dalek invasion. But before she does, Captain Jack will show up to help out the companions in their time of need.

Doctor Who Companions Image via BBC

Hopefully we will also get to see Captain Jack and the Doctor interacting this time. The last time he appeared was in a surprise cameo in the episode Fugitive of the Judoon. There he met the companions, but not the new incarnation of the Doctor.

Jack Harkness (played by actor John Barrowman) of course is a beloved figure in the Doctor Who world. He interacted most often with the 9th and 10th Doctors, before starring in his own spin-off show: Torchwood. The immortal Captain Jack has dealt with the Daleks before, even sacrificing himself to help stop them at one point (although that death clearly didn’t stick). He hasn’t interacted with any Doctors since 10 (David Tennant). This means that he has missed out on adventures with the 11th (Matt Smith) and 12th (Peter Capaldi) Doctors.

Doctor Who Captain Jack Is Back Image via BBC

We are looking forward to seeing Captain Jack and The Doctor together onscreen again. And after the dramatic reveals of last season, the Doctor is certainly going to need an old friend to help her process all that she has learned. We do not yet know if “Revolution of the Daleks” will air on Christmas Day, or on New Year’s Day as previous holiday specials have done. But we do know that Captain Jack will step into the Tardis once more.

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