Disney TV Shows, Marvel Presents The Best Episodes of 2022
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Marvel Presents The Best Disney TV Shows Episodes Of 2022

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BY January 10, 2023

The year 2022 passed and left us with great productions and experiences. Marvel wants to celebrate the beginning of the new year 2023, pleasing its users best. Therefore, the studio wanted to present some of the most stunning episodes of the TV shows that have left us this year in Disney +.

We have Ms. Marvel, Moon Knight, and She hulk among the series at the company’s top. As you can see, Marvel offered us everything with the action scenes in Moon Knight. Also, fun with the green giant and the adolescent excitement of Ms. Marvel.

From these Disney TV shows, Marvel chose the chapters that had the greatest impact on the streaming platform. It may be an appetizer with the series we will have for this year, considering that phase V of the universe is beginning. Ant-Man premieres soon and we also have the series What If, the new season of Loki, The Marvels, Secret Invasion and other productions that will surely move the fans’ floors.

Marvel Presents The Best Disney TV Shows Episodes Of 2022

She-Hulk' Just Broke The 4th Wall Off The Entire MCU — But Did It Work? Image: Marvel Studios

Moon Knight – episode 1, The Problem of the Goldfish

First on the list, the first Disney TV shows is Moon Knight’s first episode. It was a boom, on the platform as it showed a hint of what we would detail in the series. First we have how this character with dual personality becomes the hooded warrior at night. Also for the introduction of the official villain of the season Arthur Harrow.

Moon Knight – episode 5, Asylum 

Moon Knight Chapter 5 was an unparalleled experience to see how the 2 personalities of the hero meet. This occurs when at the end of chapter 4, the hero is killed and they find themselves in a kind of asylum or psychiatric center. There they iron out their differences, while following the Egyptian god Taweret.

For this performance on this Disney TV show, Oscar Isaac received good reviews. Not only from the public but also from critics and Marvel executives.

Moon Knight – Chapter 6, “Gods and Monsters”.

This was the final chapter of the series with the training between Moon Knight and his enemy Arthur Harrow. The latter attempted to revive Ammit, however he was stopped in dramatic fashion by the hero. However, this episode offered many more surprises. One example was May Calamawy’s Layla who took the Scarlet Beetle’s robes, becoming this Marvel hero.

Another surprise that excited many was the appearance of Jake Lockley, the third personality of the protagonist.

Ms. Marvel – Chapter 1, Generation Why

Ms Marvel MCU Image via Marvel Studios

Another TV show that made a big impact in Disney+ was the first episode of Ms. Marvel. With the introduction of Iman Vellani in the character of Kamala Khan this episode showed how a young teenage girl, belonging to the “Generation Why” gained mutant powers. In fact the charismatic attitude of the character attracted a lot of young people to watch this episode.

She-Hulk – Chapter 4, Isn’t this real magic?

Now it’s She-Hulk’s turn and in this part we have one of the funniest chapters of the whole saga. This time we see how Jennifer has a case against Donny Blaze, a former magician who belonged to the order of Kamar-Taj. In this one we saw the appearance of the magician Wong as part of the witnesses of the green giant. 

She-Hulk – Chapter 6, Solo Jen

For some Disney users a filler chapter of the TV show, as it showed the protagonist struggling internally. She was in a debate between her 2 personalities, on one side, Jennifer and the other side She-Hulk. This time the green giant showed concern and longing to be loved for who she is and not for what she shows.

She-Hulk – Chapter 8, Ribbit and Rip It

A chapter awaited by many where we saw She-Hulk and Daredevil face each other in court and unite before a villain. The reappearance of the fearless hero, left many expectant and more with the rumors of the moment of his new series.

Marvel Special Espisodes 

Werewolf by Night's First Reactions Image: Marvel Studios

Werewolf By Night

This show was a radical change for the Marvel and Disney series. Werewolf by Night is a wild and fun noir horror Marvel special. Starring Gael Garcia Bernal, this episode brought scary and mysterious vibes that we’ve never seen from Marvel Studios. 

The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special

GOTG Holiday Special Marvel Studios

This Marvel vacation special, was another successful experiment from the streaming platform. The short film stood out among Disney TV shows, bringing the best of the Guardians of the Galaxy and the holiday spirit.

Featured Image Via Marvel Studios


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