Dexter Season 9 Teaser Trailer Brings Back TV’s Original Anti-Hero
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Dexter Revival’s Teaser Trailer Brings Back TV’s Original Anti-Hero

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BY April 22, 2022

Before Breaking Bad or Hannibal, where bad guys were the leads of TV shows and ended up being sympathetic characters, there was Dexter. It was the show where an actual serial killer was the hero, and what’s even more messed up: we rooted for him. No moral ambiguities, no grey areas, just straight up, pre-planned muder. Serial murders. It was a weird time, but ccreating a hero like that that the audiences rooted for was a testament to just how good Dexter really was. So it’s exciting as hell to see the Dexter season 9 teaser trailer, that brings back all of those nostalgic memories of that awesome show. 

Dexter Morgan Was TV’s Original Sympathetic Villain. Kinda. 

Dexter season 9 teaser trailer season 1 Image via Showtime.

Dexter was an original Showtime series that was super weird. Not for what the show did, but rather how it made you feel. The series followed the life of Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall) who was a forensic blood splatter analyst. The blood guy of the police department. He was an analyst and had just as much of a rigid and structured life. Oh, and he was a completely emotionally disturbed serial killer. But like, a good one, with a moral code. Using his contacts at the police station, Dexter only killed those that the system allowed to go free. He had a strict code, only people who really deserved it would face his wrath. 

Obviously, the show dealt with the threat of this secret of Dexter’s becoming exposed to the people in his life. While there were many other themes at work, the constant was Dexter struggling to reconcile his deplorable thoughts and urges, with wanting a normal life. The show delved into the psyche of serial killers long before Netflix’s Mindhunter attempted to do the same. But the unique perspective was that it was coming from a serial killer himself. The show was so good it made you root for this hero, who was obviously damaged and messed up. But the writers still made you care for, and want the best for this person, through 8 amazing seasons. And now, the Dexter season 9 teaser trailer promises to go much much deeper. 

Dexter Season 9 Teaser Trailer Is Delightfully Devious

Dexter season 9 teaser trailer ominious Image via Showtime.

The original run of Dexter ended in 2013 after 8 seasons. So seeing the Dexter season 9 teaser trailer was incredibly nostalgic and brought back all the vibes of that show. Spoilers of the Dexter season 8 finale to follow. Proceed at your own risk. The last season of Dexter ended with the character faking his own death and then revealing in the end that he was alive and well, isolated somewhere far from his previous life. In the Dexter season 9 teaser trailer, it looks like things pick up from exactly where they left off. Dexter has rebuilt a normal life for himself in a small town, using an alias.

But when his old life threatens to encroach on the peace that he’s built, things could get bloody. It seems like a pretty straightforward idea for a revival. The peace that Dexter was looking for all through the previous show is finally there but might come undone with the events of the new story It’s a similar formula that every season of the original show adhered to, in some way. But it’s not really the what about the Dexter season 9 teaser trailer that interests me, it’s the who. And the who is kind of awesomest part about this teaser. 

Michael C. Hall’s Return To Dexter Is Incredible!

Dexter season 9 teaser trailer Dexter. Image via Showtime.

Along with the return of Dexter the character, it’s the return of actor Michael C. Hall that is another comeback story for the show. The actor was battling cancer during the making of the show. Hall didn’t even reveal the diagnosis to the public, until well after his treatment began. Since then, however, Hall has recovered and is now returning to the show in a big way. Seeing Hall in the Dexter season 9 teaser trailer is kind of heartwarming in a meta way. 

One of the reasons why the Dexter character was so likeable, was that despite Hall’s intimidating physical stature and presence, Dexter himself was totally unassuming, disarming and kind of a dork. Making what he did in the dark of the night, that much scarier. But seeing Hall slip into the skin of Dexter with such ease, and reminding us instantly of what this character was, is kind of astonishing. With a look, a smirk, or a pursing of his lips, Hall brings back this character that was so influential to the landscape of TV today. I honestly cannot wait for the return of Dexter.

Dexter season 9 returns on Showtime on November 7. 

What did you think of the Dexter season 9 teaser trailer? Let me know if you’re excited about the return of this awesome show, in the comments below. 

Featured image via Showtime. 

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