Can The Dexter: New Blood Official Trailer Bring Redemption?
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The Dexter: New Blood Official Trailer: Can The Revival Bring Redemption?

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BY April 29, 2022

After a brief teaser trailer that re-introduced us to the original serial killer on TV, the Dexter: New Blood official trailer is here to give us more story. The new trailer focuses more on what the new Dexter: New Blood revival is about, instead of a flurry of images like the teaser. The trailer is all about how the titular character has made a new life for himself until his old habits come calling and threatens to bring it all crumbling down. Read on for my breakdown of the Dexter: New Blood official trailer.

Michael C. Hall Returns As Dexter In Official Trailer

Dexter: New Blood official trailer deb. Image via Showtime.

New Blood marks the 10 year return of the original Showtime series. The show was all about a serial killer and really dug deep into the psyche of someone who has urges to kill and maim and murder. It wasn’t really a sympathetic look, as in, it didn’t make audiences humanize with a murderer, like many of these recent biopics are doing. But rather showcased the nuances of the mind of someone who is a killer. A person who, for whatever reason—background, traumatic past, mental disease—has the desire to kill. 

The makers do this through the lead character, who is a serial killer himself, but one who was given a moral code to only kill other killers. It’s a good spin, but the storylines never shied away from showcasing the dark elements of this character’s nature. Dexter constantly struggled with attempting to connect with his fellow man, despite not feeling any kind of attachment towards others. But he felt it necessary to put on a show. In many ways, there are parallels to his behaviour and struggle, to mental health issues that we know about today. And yes, Dexter was deeply deranged, but trying to be better. Which, I guess, was what made the show so appealing. 

Can The Dexter Revival Redeem The Previous Series Finale?

Dexter: New Blood official trailer finale. Image via Showtime.

Spoilers ahead for the ending of the original Dexter series. 

The ending of the original Dexter was, divisive, to say the least. Fans never liked how Dexter seemingly died, only to reveal himself living elsewhere. The reason for their dislike was manyfold. Firstly, in many ways, Dexter’s death seemed fitting. He was, after all, a killer. So for him to meet his demise was a natural way to end his story, without somehow forgiving or excusing his deplorable actions throughout the series. So the turn that saw him alive and well, left a bad taste in audiences’ mouths. 

The other reason that the ending left many upset, was in dealing with Dexter’s son. Throughout the series, Dexter struggled with his dark side. So when he finally settled down and had a kid, some sense of humanity grew within him. However, when his child went through a similar traumatic experience as him, he feared the worst. That was a major character arc for Dexter; worrying about his son turning out like him. However, being there to guide his son, he could curb his potentially murderous instincts, if any. So then to abandon him like that out of nowhere, felt contrary to the arc that had come until that point. Fortunately, the Dexter: New Blood official trailer confronts that problem head-on, with his son showing up at the end. 

Dexter: New Blood official trailer Promises To Confront The Past

Dexter: New Blood official trailer car. Image via Showtime.

The Dexter: New Blood official trailer, despite being a revival, brings up a lot of the past. The trailer sees Dexter now living a normal life, but with a police officer wife, in a small town. Unlike his past self, this Dexter is well-liked, jovial, and a regular Average Joe Somebody. It’s honestly jarring seeing the previously awkward and creepy Dexter dancing along at a Christmas party with his significant other. It’s unnerving, in so many ways. However, when a serial killer shatters the quiet of his small town, Dexter can’t help but feel the urge to go back to his vigilante ways. During this struggle, the Dexter: New Blood official trailer sees his former foster sister, who knew his secret, find him again. Not to mention, as the trailer ends, his own son finding him again too. 

Dexter: New Blood will not only deal with a new story but seemingly also bring many story beats from the original series. This makes this the most exciting as they don’t seem to be cameos or nods to the original, but actually continuing the arcs established all those years ago. We’ll have to wait and see though if the new series can redeem the show for fans who weren’t too happy with the original ending. 

Dexter: will premiere on Showtime on November 7. 

What did you think of the Dexter: New Blood official trailer? Did you like the original ending, or are you hoping this new series will fix some of those issues? Let me know in the comments below. 

Featured image via Showtime. 

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