Has DC Universe Renewed Titans for Season 3 Already?
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Has DC Universe Renewed Titans for Season 3 Already? (Updated: Yes)

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BY April 24, 2020

The second season of Titans on DC Universe isn’t over yet, but the show might already be renewed for season 3. A new rumor from a leaker with a fair track record says that the flagship series for DC’s small streaming service will return for another year. Streaming services don’t put up viewership numbers like cable or network television ratings. Also, Warner Bros. remains very quiet about whether or not this service is losing money, breaking even, or turning a profit. Things seemed dire when they cancelled Swamp Thing almost immediately, but that had more to do with filming location and set storage. Yet, starting with Doom Patrol, HBO Max and DC Universe seem to be working symbiotically.

The report that DC Universe renewed Titans for season 3 comes from the same source that revealed the upcoming Green Lantern series and Strange Adventures anthology series. Greg Berlanti will develop a slate of new DC shows for HBO Max and DC Universe, though some have not been announced yet. So, the report that Titans is already renewed for season 3 at DC Universe is still a rumor. Yet, the leaker’s track record is pretty good so far.

DC Universe Renewed Titans for Season 3 but the Cast May Shuffle

Titans Renewed for Season 3 DC Universe SUperboy Image via DC Universe

The leaker, who goes by Vullein070 on Twitter and at the “TVLeaks” subreddit, dropped the news in a tweet this weekend. DC Universe renewed Titans for season 3 because they have plans to introduce some new characters to the show.

They wrote:

“They…wanna introduce a few old Titans and other Titans from the comics. I can’t tell you which ones because, honestly, I don’t know who specifically. I have they already cast one….”

Now, unless HBO Max will also share financing costs with DC Universe, this probably means that some of the cast will depart. In another post—part “leak,” part speculation—Vullein070 wrote that some of the principal Titans cast may be heading to spin-offs. Joshua Orpin’s Superboy, Minka Kelly’s Dove, and Alan Ritchson’s Hawk all reportedly have spin-offs in the works. Curran Walters’ Jason Todd also may be due for a spin-off, showing his transition from Robin to the Red Hood. If these actors go off to do their own projects, that means some other Titans need to fill in the gaps. That means “old” Titans like Kid Flash, Speedy, or other Justice Leaguer’s sidekicks. It also could mean “new” Titans like Blue Beetle or the Kaldur’ahm/Jackson Hyde version of Aqualad, who features prominently in DC Universe’s animated series Young Justice.

While a Hawk and Dove spin-off may seem like a tough sell, the Superboy one makes more sense. He’s a character with a power set that makes it difficult to effectively challenge the entire team. Putting him in his own series allows for more sensible stakes. And, as Berlanti proved with the Arrowverse, he knows how to coordinate series so there can be crossovers that make it feel like the comic book universe.

Titans Could Become the Launchpad for a New, TV-MA Connected Universe

Titans Renewed for Season 3 DC Universe Deathstroke and Jericho Image via DC Universe

From an episode of Arrow where Grant Gustin guest-starred, the storytellers working with Greg Berlanti kicked off a shared universe. If characters like Superboy, Hawk and Dove, or Conor Leslie’s Donna Troy get spin-off shows, DC Universe could build their own shared continuity. Heck, we might even get a Nightwing solo series starring Brendon Thwaites. Because it is a streaming service, Warner Bros. may be less reticent to allow marquee characters to appear. We already got a version of Batman in the season finale of Titans last year. With Superboy in the mix, Superman can’t be far behind. Titans could become like the Defenders were on Netflix, but rather than something they build to it is something they build from. Instead of the network-friendly, teen-focused Arrowverse, this new universe will definitely shoot for the adult audience.


DC Universe announced that Titans season 3 will debut in Fall of 2020.

What do you think? Do you believe DC Universe renewed Titans for season 3? Would you want to see another DC connected universe? Share your thoughts, theories, and wishlist for heroes you want to see in the comments below.

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