DC Daily Being Canceled at DC Universe, Is The Streaming Service Next?
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DC Daily Being Canceled at DC Universe, Does It Spell Trouble for the DC Streamer?

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BY June 9, 2020

On Monday, news broke that DC Daily from DC Universe would be canceled and ending its run on July, 3 2020. The show was little more than a marketing outlet for DC Universe but did feature interesting interviews with people involved at all levels of DC storytelling. DC Daily is where Grant Gustin talked about the original plans for The Flash season finale before the COVID-19 shutdown. However, they rarely broke news, despite having a direct connection to DC. Much like The Star Wars Show over on YouTube, this was a personality driven short show meant to highlight whatever projects DC Universe hoped to promote.

The news of the cancellation comes as a surprise but, at least according to social media, fans don’t seem all that upset. And this is perhaps the biggest clue as to why the series is going away. Compared to The Star Wars Show, which has a high amount of fan engagement, DC Daily was neither attracting new users or entertaining current users with their personality.

Also, if you pay attention to the credits, DC Daily is not shot in the offices of DC Universe or DC Comics like the Star Wars Show. The production company appears to be a contractor of some kind. So, if the cancellation is for “budgetary” reasons, it might not spell larger trouble for DC Universe.

DC Daily Being Canceled at DC Universe Doesn’t Necessarily Mean the Service Is Dying

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In September 18, DC Daily premiered to highlight both the DC Universe original series and the backlog of DC-based shows and comics available on the service. The show usually featured a roundtable discussion of events with social media influencers and others who comment on geek culture. Also, there were guests from DC projects from time to time, including comics writers, artists, producers, and actors.

A spokesman for DC Universe said this about the series to Collider.com who broke the story:

“After more than 400 episodes, DC Daily will air its final broadcast on Friday, July 3. This year has brought more challenges than the show could overcome. We thank all the fans and talent and hosts for bringing this show to life. It’s been a fun ride.”

The report went on to note that a full “season” of this show had a smaller budget than a single episode of Titans. Thus, that DC Daily is canceled at DC Universe means there might be bigger problems on the horizon for the service. This is a fair guess, but it is just as likely not the case. First, we have no idea how the production company that produced this series was affected by the COVID-19 shutdown. It’s possible that this decision is more related to that than anything at DC Universe proper. Second, this is a show that doesn’t seem to have a strong following nor is it beloved by the fans. Since the main point of the show was to promote DC Universe and no one was watching, the show was failing no matter how entertaining it was.

Warner Bros. has said that it plans to maintain both DC Universe and HBO Max, with the services partnering up on certain series like Doom Patrol season 2. Also, the new Stargirl series is made by DC Universe in partnership with the CW. The animated Harley Quinn series is in the midst of its second season, but the first season was just licensed to SYFY. So, unlike Disney+ or Netflix, DC Universe appears to be generating revenue by licensing out its shows and not just relying on subscriptions.

What will be most interesting to see is what, if any, kind of marketing and social-media friendly programming DC Universe creates in order to replace DC Daily, if they create a replacement at all.

What do you think? Are you sad that DC Universe canceled DC Daily? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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