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Daredevil Reboot Series Production – Evidence That Matt Murdock Is Getting An MCU Show

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BY April 29, 2022

Since his appearance in Spider-Man: No Way Home, Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock is having an MCU moment. Fans of the Marvel Netflix TV shows, particularly those involved with the #SaveDaredevil campaign, are happy but looking for any information about what’s to come. Well, there is some of the clearest evidence yet that a Daredevil reboot series is in production, and that Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock will get his own MCU show on Disney+. Of course, some fans wanted the Daredevil series to be made canon and brought over whole cloth into the MCU. Thus even though it seems like we’re getting something new with the live-action Man Without Fear, whether or not it’s a remake, reboot, or sequel is still unknown.

Here’s what we know for certain, because it comes from Marvel Studios themselves. Kevin Feige said that insofar as there is a Daredevil in the MCU, he will be played by Charlie Cox. We also got Kingpin in Hawkeye, a vital character to the storyline of Alaqua Cox’s Echo, who is getting her own series that should start filming soon. It also seems possible that Marvel’s most famous lawyer hero will team up with their other famous lawyer hero in She-Hulk, starring Tatiana Maslany.

Of course, this leaves the fate of the rest of the Daredevil cast up in the air. Specifically, fans want to ensure that Foggy Nelson, as played by Elden Henson, and Karen Page, as played by Deborah Ann Woll, are not forgotten by Marvel Studios. So, how will Marvel Studios handle a Daredevil reboot series, and will the production of that MCU show include all of the supporting characters around Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock? Let’s dig in to what we know.

The Daredevil Reboot Series May Already Be In Production

Daredevil Reboot Series Matt Murdock Show MCU Disney+ Image via Marvel Entertainment

In Production Weekly, a Daredevil Reboot is listed, though it’s unclear what stage of production its in right now. A person on Twitter who claims to have insider information for projects across studios shared text messages saying the series would shoot at the end of the year. Also, Charles Murphy, found a Marvel-linked limited LLC called “Blind Faith Productions,” which may or may not be related. Yet, Daredevil is blind, and Matt Murdock’s faith is a big part of the character. It’s difficult to guess where in production the Daredevil reboot series is, but it does seem that Matt Murdock will be getting his own MCU show.

The next place we might see Charlie Cox suit up as Daredevil is in Echo, the spinoff featuring Alaqua Cox’s character from Hawkeye. She is the reason that Kingpin is in Hawkeye, so it makes sense that he would return in that show. It also makes sense that as a hero with a disability, Daredevil might show up to help Echo deal with her troublesome “uncle.” A reunion between Kinpin and Daredevil in the MCU feels inevitable, and I suspect Echo is where it might happen.

Lastly, with Jennifer Walters being another famous Marvel Comics lawyer, it also makes sense that she would cross paths with Matt Murdock in her show for the MCU. There is a big disparity between Daredevil’s power levels and Hulk-level powers. So, this may be an appearance just for the Murdock side of his identity. It’s also possible that we don’t see Daredevil in costume until the reboot series completes production. We may only get Matt Murdock in the MCU on whatever show or movie he pops up in, with the Daredevil debut in his own project.

Will the MCU Show Erase What Happened to Matt Murdock In the Netflix Series?

Reboot series MCU Charlie Cox Daredevil show Kingpin Matt Murdock Image via Marvel Entertainment

So, if a Daredevil reboot series is in production with Marvel Studios, what does that mean for Matt Murdock in the MCU and what happened on the other show? Because if you ask the #SaveDaredevil fans, they want Daredevil season 4 on Disney+, not some new MCU show with different continuity. Yet, Marvel Studios has a long history of not wanting to be hamstrung by decisions made by Marvel Television storytellers. If Kevin Feige is going to lead the production on a Daredevil series for the MCU, it’s likely going to be its own show with its own origins. Though, worth noting, that the fact that Charlie Cox is back as Matt Murdock at all, shows they have (at least) some respect for the Defenders universe on Netflix.

Regardless of what story decisions they make, any new Daredevil show will be a reboot series, even with the same actors as Matt Murdock, Foggy Nelson, and Karen Page. So, perhaps the best way to have their story autonomy and honor what came before is to keep it vague. Daredevil season 3 ended with the three principal characters reuniting and planning to start a law practice. (Again.) So, when we pick up with the gang in a new series, perhaps that’s what they are doing. Matt Murdock used to be Daredevil, but then stopped until something makes him suit up again.

It would keep the past of the show vague enough that those who care can believe it is a continuation of the story from the Marvel and Netflix TV shows. Yet, they are not locked into that continuity so that the new storytellers can change what they need. Only time will tell.

You can watch the original Daredevil series on Disney+.

What do you think? Do you think the new Daredevil series in production will be a reboot or a remake? Are you excited for a new show featuring Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock? Share your thoughts, reactions, and theories in the comments below.

Featured image via Marvel Entertainment

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