Why the CW Should Rerun Crisis On Infinite Earths Often
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CW Schedules Crisis On Infinite Earths Rerun to Stretch Out Remaining New Episodes

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BY February 10, 2021

With essentially all currently-filming television shows shutdown due to the novel coronavirus pandemic response, networks are in a tough bind. Many isolated folks are turning to Netflix in record numbers. European internet providers needed to downgrade video quality to handle the increased demand. Still, television networks still have to provide programming, too. Essentially, this means reruns, but that’s not always a bad thing. The CW hopes to stretch out their remaining new episodes of Arrowverse shows. To help with that, they are re-airing the full Crisis On Infinite Earths crossover. And, even in this world of streaming, this is the only way you can rewatch the epic DC event. Have your DVRs ready!

Typically, CW shows pop up on Netflix after their seasons end. There’s no telling if the shows will return to finish out their seasons or just end them without finales. Either way, CW shows pop up on Netflix a week after the show airs. For example, Black Lightning finished its season shortly after the holiday break. That season is now available on Netflix. Only, new series Batwoman will not be going to Netflix, but rather the forthcoming HBO Max. This means, that to rewatch the crossover, you’d need both Netflix and HBO Max to see it. So, the CW rerun of Crisis On Infinite Earths is the only way to see the entire thing again.

Why the CW Should Rerun Crisis On Infinite Earths Often

Crisis On Infinite Earths Hour 1 Death of Oliver Queen rerun Image via screengrab

If you read our coverage of the Crisis On Infinite Earths event, you know we enjoyed it. Wherever it failed in execution, it made up for it tenfold in ambition. There were incredible cameos, some of which ended up providing narrative closure for previous iterations of DC characters in live-action. We got to see Lucifer crossover from Netflix, since that series is loosely based on a Vertigo comic. Even Ezra Miller, who is supposedly still making a Flash movie, suited up as the scarlet speedster one more time. If you like DC comics characters, the Crisis On Infinite Earths rerun on the CW is worth your time for that alone.

However, it’s not just a spectacle. If you do enjoy the Arrowverse television series, it’s a marvel of television storytelling. Put it up scene-for-scene with Justice League, and it matches or surpasses it. (And, it might even be competitive against the fabled Snyder Cut.) In fact, its closest comparison is Avengers: Endgame. This is impressive alone, simply because they did their epic crossover film on something like 1/20th of the budget. Crisis On Infinite Earths proved that DC can do a shared universe (multiverse!) correctly. It may not age as well as Endgame will, but the crossover was triumph of storytelling and vision in much the same way.

CW Rerun Schedule for Crisis On Infinite Earths

crisis on infinite earths hour 2 darkest batman kevin conroy ruby rose cw rerun Image via screengrab

Here is the schedule for the repeat of what is, essentially, a limited television event series. Set your DVRs so you can rewatch it in its entirety as much as you’d like. And maybe even read the Crisis On Infinite Earths original comic series when you’re through!

  • Hour 1 will air Tuesday, April 7 at 8 pm Eastern/Pacific.
  • Hour 2 will air Tuesday April 7 at 9 pm Eastern/Pacific.
  • Hour 3 will air Wednesday, April 8, at 8 pm Eastern/Pacific.
  • And the two-hour Finale will air Thursday, April 9, at 8 pm Eastern/Pacific.

Will you be watching the CW rerun of Crisis On Infinite Earths? Share your thoughts about the crossover and the streaming situation in the comments below.

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