Final Crisis On Infinite Earths Trailer Drops and It Doesn’t Look Good
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CW Releases Final Crisis On Infinite Earths Trailer, and It Doesn’t Look Good (For the Multiverse)

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BY April 15, 2022

Many people called Marvel’s last two Avengers films the “most ambitious crossover” in history. However, DC and Warner Bros. is upping that ante with a project that is about as long as those two films. Only this has a much lower budget and encompasses almost every live-action DC project ever. From the original Batman series in the 1960s to Batwoman, the most recent show set in the Arrowverse, it’s all caught up in the crisis. The final trailer for the Crisis on Infinite Earths five-hour crossover hit producer Marc Guggenheim’s YouTube account and things do not look good for the multiverse. In fact, it appears from the Crisis on Infinite Earths final trailer that Supergirl’s Earth 38 and Argo City, a surviving remnant of her home planet Krypton, is destroyed. If this actually happens, it suggests that the Arrowverse will coalesce.

The Big Reveal in the Crisis On Infinite Earths Final Trailer (and It’s Not Tom Welling)

Crisis on infinite earths final trailer Brandon Routh on the Waverider Image via CW

The Crisis on Infinite Earths final trailer shows us quite a lot. First, we get our first glimpse of Tom Welling returning as Clark Kent from Smallville. We also get to see Kevin Conroy as Kingdom Come Bruce Wayne, complete with robotic apparatus. We even seen Black Lightning in the Crisis crossover. This marks the first time he’s shared the screen with his fellow DC superheroes.

Yet, the biggest reveal might be the moment that we see Argo City and Earth 38 destroyed. They are wiped out by the “anti-matter wave” that threatens to destroy all of existence. While the multiverse theory might still be hotly debated in scientific circles, comic books embraced the idea wholeheartedly. The original Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover in the comics was designed to simplify the muddled continuity one gets after nearly 50 years.

In the comic, all of the Earths of the DC Multiverse were destroyed, but a new, single universe took its place. With Supergirl and Black Lightning both initially left out of the shared universe of the CW DC shows, this could fix that. If the destruction of Earth 38 sticks, that means Supergirl’s cast will need a new place to go. The answer, it seems, will be a new status quo where all of the DC shows take place on the same Earth. Especially with Tyler Hoechlin and Elizabeth Tulloch developing a Superman & Lois series, they will need a place to, you know, exist. It will also make things much simpler for the series to do crossover episodes. They can all do their own thing still, of course. Yet, now it’s no big thing for Black Lightning to show up on The Flash or Batwoman and Supergirl to do their version of “World’s Finest.”

The True ‘Most Ambitious Crossover’ in History

Crisis On Infinite Earths: Hour One Image via CW

The success of the Arrowverse is not something to be taken lightly. In just eight or so years, these handful of series were able to pull off what the MCU did over 23 movies in a decade. They created a shared universe of characters fans care about on an individual level. Yet, when these characters team up, it still works. No character is really given short shrift, and the dynamic between the series leads is electric. (And that’s even without Cress Williams’ Black Lightning in the mix!)

So, adapting the most famous comic book crossover of all time seems almost inevitable. However, the logistics of writing a cohesive story across eight shows that all air in week featuring many of the same actors is difficult to pull off. On the big screen it would be a challenge. Yet, television schedules are much tighter and the budget much lighter. Only, it’s not just the CW shows that will be crossing over.

This event will likely reference or include some bit from every single live-action DC adaptation ever made. Burt Ward is there to represent the Batman series from the 1960s. Photos revealed images of Tim Burton’s Batman and his world represented in the show. Brandon Routh will play the Kingdom Come version of Superman. Producers also revealed that he’ll canonically be the Superman played by the late Christopher Reeve. (As he was in Superman Returns.) Avengers: Endgame was a celebration of the MCU. This will likely be a celebration of the past 50 or so years of DC live-action adaptations.

Check out our guide to all the Crisis crossover episodes, so you don’t miss any. And check out the final Crisis on Infinite Earths trailer below.

What did you think? Share your reactions, theories, and who you hope to see in the comments!

Image via CW

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