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CW Pilots Ordered: New Shows They’ll Keep Forever

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BY March 16, 2021

With the world still in the grips of a pandemic, there had been speculation as to whether TV networks would order new shows. One network, or almost network, has signaled their answer, though. The CW has pilots on the way.

CW Pilots Include More Comic Adaptations And Reboots

As The CW is already a home for adaptations like Black Lightning (which featured the first black lesbian superhero on a TV show) and Batwoman, it should come as no surprise to find another one in the CW pilots order. To that end, director Ava DuVernay will be handling an adaptation of Naomi with Jill Blankenship, who wrote and co-produced Arrow. Naomi is a DC property, which follows teenager Naomi McDuffie, a superhero from another Earth.

cw pilots image via Warner Brothers Television Distribution

Then there’s The Powerpuff Girls, which first hit television in 1998 (so long ago!). The CW’s take on the live-action The Powerpuff Girls series will be slightly different from what you remember, though. While the original was a cartoon, as you can see, the new version will be live-action. Written by Diablo Cody, the series will focus on the trio of sisters as twentysomethings. They’re no longer the crime-fighting wunderkinder they once were, so what else is out there for them?

Finally, the other pilot The CW ordered is a dramedy about two youngish nuns who do whatever is the religious version of a meet-cute. The series then explores the way both women–one much more devout–navigate their roles in the modern Catholic church.

Pilots Join CW’s Other New Shows, Reboots, And Spin-Offs

cw pilots image via screencapture

Along with these pilots, The CW has a number of other shows in the works. Several of these are spin-offs. They include Tom Swift, which will spin-off of Nancy Drew, and Painkiller, a Black Lightning spin-off. There is also at least one reboot a-coming. Specifically, there’s a reboot of The 4400, which Deadline charmingly calls “a classic sci-fi drama.” I mean, sure, but that show just went off the air five minutes ago (in 2007). In case you missed it, though, it’s about the sudden return of 4400 people who had been presumed missing or dead over decades.

That’s not the end of The CW’s new shows, though, of course. The CW has other shows in the works, including Greg Berlanti’s adaptation of the DC series Wonder Girl. They also have shows from last year that they rolled to future pilot seasons, like a TV adaptation of The Lost Boys, and Maverick, a drama about a fictional First Daughter.

Do any of these shows sound like something you’d like to watch? Let us know in the comments or on our social media.

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