Corey Calliet Of Titans Releases Panthro Fan Film, ThunderCats On Earth!
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Corey Calliet Of Titans Releases Panthro Fan Film, Earth Ain’t Ready For The ThunderCats

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BY June 26, 2021

In 2007, the first rumors of a live-action film featuring 1980s cartoon/toys sensation the ThunderCats surfaced. Since then, we’ve gone almost a decade-and-a-half without any updates. There are still no updates, really. However, the stunt coordinator for Titans on HBOMax just showed the world what a rated-R ThunderCats movie could look like. Corey Calliet stars as Panthro in a ThunderCats fan-film that has everyone’s favorite nunchuk-slinging ass-kicker looking for his friends. Calliet teamed with Larnell Stovall, who’s also known for stunt work on Titans, Altered Carbon, and The Butler by Lee Daniels (among many others), directed this short. The moral of this film? Earth ain’t ready for Panthro or the ThunderCats.

There are plenty of familiar faces in this Panthro fan film beyond Corey Calliet. The villain of the piece is Daniel Bernhardt, Jaeger on Altered Carbon but also “oh that guy!” from a number of other films and series. Also, Dungeons & Dragons nerds will spot actor, martial artist, and dancer who has appeared in video games, television, films, and even on Critical Role. It’s clear that for the familiar and unfamiliar actors in this short, it was a labor of love the entire way.

The premise of the short is that Panthro is searching for the rest of his ThunderCats pals, and we even get a tease of two fan-favorite characters. Also, it’s called “Chapter One,” so perhaps it means that more installments are on the way. Even if they are not, Warner Bros., Adam Wingard, and the rest of the producers of the supposedly still-in-development ThunderCats movie take a long look at Corey Calliet for the role of Panthro beyond just this fan film. Though, personally, I’d like to see a little more whimsy in the character, like in the 1980s cartoon.

Watch Corey Calliet as Panthro in the fan film below:

What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments, and let us know who you’d fan-cast as the rest of the ThunderCats.

Featured image via Warner Bros./screengrab

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