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Clarice Canceled, Will Not Move to Paramount Plus

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BY June 16, 2021

While I didn’t review the Clarice premiere here, I have been reviewing the show elsewhere. However, something has been bothering me. For the most part, I like the show well enough. But I cannot stand the haphazard scheduling. For example, CBS has often scheduled only two episodes a month of the show. That’s no way to build an audience. Even as a reviewer, I struggled from month to month to remember the ongoing plotlines. Accordingly, I predicted that the network would end up jettisoning the show due to poor ratings. And whew, it’s like I’m prescient, because CBS has canceled Clarice.

Clarice Being Canceled Will End Move to CBS Streamer

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As I predicted, Clarice didn’t find an audience. How could they? In fact, according to Deadline, by May it was “the lowest rated and least watched series” in the entire CBS line-up. At that point, CBS was looking to move it solely to streaming on the Paramount Plus platform. (That’s also, incidentally, the fate of Evil for season 2.) After all, despite its poor ratings on network TV, it’s apparently been performing well on the streamer.

However, those plans are no longer in place. Deadline reported this week in an exclusive that negotiations to move the show to Paramount Plus have fallen through. Those negotiations, by the way, were between CBS and MGM, which co-produces the show with the network.

It’s unclear who or what was behind the failure to come to an agreement, but it seems as if the sticking point was–no surprise–money. Moving the show to the streamer, for instance, would have cost CBS about 3 times the amount airing it on the network did. Again, it’s unsurprising that they would have balked at that.

Further, as they have a full fall schedule, there is no longer a place for Clarice on the network. As they couldn’t come to an agreement for streaming, the network made the decision not to move forward with the show. Sucks, man. I hate to lose a show I like. (Am I also upset that Fox canceled Prodigal Son? Uh, yes.)

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