Netflix Confirms Breaking Bad Movie With New Teaser Trailer
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Netflix Confirms Breaking Bad Movie With Teaser and Release Date

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BY April 28, 2020

With all the news coming out of the D23 Expo, Disney+ has been having a heyday with exciting news. So, what a perfect time for Netflix to sneak in with something big to raise the Streaming Wars bar. Fans have been speculating for months about the upcoming Breaking Bad movie, but little was confirmed – until now. Finally, after plenty of patience, fans have reason to be overjoyed. Bob Odenkirk (Saul Goodman) let out the news earlier this week that shooting finished already. Shortly after, Netflix has blessed us with a title, a teaser, and a release date for the Breaking Bad movie. And, with what we know so far, El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie is going to kick ass.

Didn’t Breaking Bad Wrap Up Its Story?

Breaking Bad is often listed as having one of the best television finales ever. Its final episode, Felina, has a 9.9 on IMDb. Ozymandias, the third-to-last episode, has a 10.0 rating – the highest on the site. Its conclusion saw the death of Walter White. But, even better, we got to see Jesse Pinkman escape with tearful smiles of hope. Jesse had spent much of the last season being forced to cook meth and held hostage. He watched his captors murder the woman he loved. Suffice to say, Jesse Pinkman has had a hard time. So, when audiences got to see him finally break free, we were left to draw our own conclusions on his “happy ending”. Well, until now.

What We Know About The Movie So Far

Breaking Bad aired on AMC for all its 5 seasons. However, this movie will stream exclusively on Netflix. The show creator and executive producer, Vince Gilligan, is still in charge. Gilligan is listed as the sole writer and director. Aaron Paul is the only listed main cast member listed. However, the teaser trailer features an interrogation with Skinny Pete (played by Charles Baker), a returning character from the show. In the interrogation, Skinny Pete is questioned regarding Jesse’s current whereabouts. Framed portraits of Hank (or, as he’d like to be called, ASAC Schrader) and Steven Gomez hang on the wall. So, we know the DEA is still after Jesse. Good Friend Skinny Pete remains true to his friend and doesn’t seem likely to give anything up.

Breaking Bad Movie Image via Netflix

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie is set to release on Netflix on October 11th, 2019. It’s been years since the finale of Breaking Bad, back in 2013. But at least we don’t have to wait much longer! Breaking Bad has a handful of awards and millions of fans behind it. So, we’re expecting this release to be a pretty big deal. Could it give Netflix the push that it needs amongst the streaming wars? And, more importantly, will Jesse Pinkman finally get to have some joy in his life?

So, Breaking Bad fans, what would you like to see in the movie?

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