Blade Runner: Black Lotus Has Announced Its Voice Cast
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Blade Runner: Black Lotus Has Announced Its Impressive Voice Cast

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BY July 9, 2021

Casting news is always one of our favorite topics over here at Comic Years. A good actor can make or break even the most anticipated series. It’s equally as crucial when the acting is all done through the power of voice. One of the shows we’re the most excited to see, Blade Runner: Black Lotus, has just announced its voice cast. Let’s take a look at who we’ll be hearing along with this fun new project.

Blade Runner

Who Is The Voice Cast For Blade Runner: Black Lotus?

Inspired by the beloved Blade Runner films, Black Lotus will tell the story of what took place seventeen years before Blade Runner 2049. Our protagonist, a replicant, will go on a journey to discover truths about her creation. It is being created for Adult Swim and Crunchyroll, with Adult Swim airing an English version on Toonami and Crunchyroll streaming it in Japanese. So, the casting news includes the voice actors for both the English and Japanese versions.

Elle, our main replicant, will be voiced by Jessica Henwick in English and Arisa Shida in Japanese. Will Yun Lee and Shinshu Fuji will voice Joseph, a junkyard owner in LA. Samira Wiley and Takako will voice Alani Davis, an LAPD recruit. Niander Wallace Sr, an important CEO, will be voiced by Brian Coc and Takaya Hashi. Niander Wallace Jr, a scientist working for Wallace SR, is to be voiced by Wes Bentley and Takehito Koyasu.

Other voice actors for the series include Peyton List and Yoshiko Sakakibara voicing Josephine Grant, Josh Duhamel and Taiten Kusunoki voicing Marlowe, Stephen Root and Hochu Otsuka voicing Earl Grant, Barkhad Abdi and Takayuki Kinba in the role of Doc Badger, Gregg Henry and Masane Tsukayama playing Senator Bannister, Henry Czerny and Akio Nojima voicing Doctor M, and finally, Jason Spisak and Kazuki Yao playing Hopper.

Blade Runner Black Lotus anime featured voice cast. Image via Crunchyroll.

Roles That Can Define A Career

The Blade Runner franchise continues to have a promising future. Though the stories are mostly thought of for the intense sci-fi portrayals on the big screen, they originate from Philip K. Dick’s Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? It was eventually adapted into the films we know and love, as well as various short films, novels, and comic series.

The films have stood the test of time thanks to their futuristic and innovative premises. Still, some of our biggest memories are about the actors behind the lead roles. It’s tough for any film to stand out amongst bigger franchises like Star Wars and Indiana Jones, but a fan-favorite of Harrison Ford has always been Blade Runner. Ryan Gosling also took a career leap with Blade Runner 2049, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for many actors. So, we’re thrilled to see this exciting new voice cast for the Blade Runner: Black Lotus series.

Readers, let us know what you’re most excited to see with Blade Runner: Black Lotus and which of the voice cast you’re curious to hear the most! The series will premiere in the fall of 2021. An exact date has yet to be announced.

Featured image via Crunchyroll.

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