Batwoman Renewal And Legends Of Tomorrow Trends, Fans Tag CW
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Batwoman Renewal And Legends Of Tomorrow Trends As Fans Demand CW Listen

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BY April 29, 2022

We learned this week that The Flash would be renewed for season 9, and Superman & Lois would be back for a season 3. A number of other series were also renewed, but two conspicuously absent series are Batwoman and Legends of Tomorrow, both DC Arrowverse shows which have yet to earn a renewal from The CW. The CW is up for sale as Warner Bros. merges with Discovery Media, which had some folks worried that the entire Arrowverse would be ending. Still, along with Flash and Superman & Lois, Arrow veteran David Ramsey is set to lead a series on the CW called Justice U. Is the delay in a renewal for Batwoman and Legends of Tomorrow just that, a delay, or is a sign that maybe these two series may not make the CW list?

Online, fans took to the Twitter machine to try to coax the CW to announce a renewal for both Batwoman and Legends of Tomorrow.


Both of these shows are led by women, LGBT characters, and they have found a genuine following from CW fans. In fact, many of the people who enjoy these series aren’t traditional comic book heads. These series are a gateway into the world of DC superheroes.

Also, they fill two important niches in the Arrowverse. Batwoman has replaced Arrow as the dark drama about a regular person with neat gadgets going up against the baddies. Legends of Tomorrow was meant to be a catch-all show for the talent in these series, and it’s served as that. Yet, these characters also stand on their own. They bring the kind of pure weirdness from comic books into the CW live-action DC world.

Could Batwoman and Legends of Tomorrow Live On if The CW Eschews Renewal?

The CW Batwoman Renewal Nick Zano Leaving Legends of Tomorrow SEries Regular Season 7 Finale Image by Dean Buscher via the CW

One upside to these iconic comic book characters belonging to a mega-super-corporation is that in the age of streaming, nothing ever truly goes away. For example, the Marvel Netflix TV shows just jumped ship from Netflix to Disney+. And now there’s a rumor that Disney+ is in production on a Daredevil reboot. Regardless of what happens to the CW or the Netflix deal that involves Legends of Tomorrow, Warner Bros. still owns these shows and the characters. I am certain that once Warner Bros. unites all of the Arrowverse series on HBO Max, there will be some kind of reunion or reboot.

Still, because of both the Netflix deal for Legends of Tomorrow and how it and Batwoman are on a network co-owned by CBS, it may not be that simple. There may be clauses in contracts that prevent these series from going elsewhere, even if it is Warner Bros.’ own streaming service. If the CW doesn’t announce a renewal for Batwoman and Legends of Tomorrow, those shows may have to be off-the-air for a set amount of time until rights revert.

It would be a shame if these shows end up cancelled. Black Lightning deserved to go more than four seasons, but it’s run was cut short. Batwoman would be another minority-led cast whose series would end up canceled by the CW despite comparable ratings to other Arrowverse shows. Legends of Tomorrow also features a diverse ensemble cast, with representation for LGBT+ folks as well. If studios are serious about diversifying their storytelling and adding new perspectives, they have to believe in weird little shows like these.

Batwoman is on HBO Max, and Legends of Tomorrow streams on Netflix.

What do you think? Do you want to see these two shows come back on the CW? Do you think they could move to HBO Max or another network or streaming service? Share your thoughts, reactions, and theories in the comments below.

Featured image via the CW.

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