Batwoman Casting News - A Canon Villain/Ex-Girlfriend is Coming
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Batwoman Casting News: A Canon Villain/Ex-Girlfriend Is Coming

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BY March 7, 2021

In the wake of Javicia Leslie’s winning the role of New Batwoman, we have some other Batwoman casting news. A villain and person from Batwoman’s past will finally be making her appearance. In addition, The CW show introduced two other new characters.

First Casting News: Shivani Ghai Will Be Playing Safiyah Sohail

batwoman casting news Shivani Ghai with Peter Krause and Sonya Walger on The Catch, image via ABC

While the character has already appeared on the show, Safiyah Sohail’s really only appeared off-screen. They talked about her, she called on the phone, and she even wrote a note. Basically, you could be forgiven for thinking she was a catfish. But in season 2, Shivani Ghai (The Catch) will prove Sohail’s no girlfriend in Canada, as she’ll be assuming the role.

If you’re not familiar with Sohail from the comics, then…that’s probably fine. In the comic series, she was Batwoman’s ex-girlfriend and a pirate from the pirate country Coryana. However, that’s no guarantee that any of that will be true on the show. After all, we’re already on New Batwoman. But one part is true–we do know her nation, since she left a note for Alice signed “your friend from Coryana.”

And In Other Character News

Sohail isn’t the only new character making their debut on Batwoman season 2, of course. In addition, The CW series announced other Batwoman casting news–to wit, they will be adding at least two other new roles. For example, according to Deadline, Leah Gibson who last played Tamara on Joshua’s favorite show, Good Sweaters, will be playing Tatiana, aka The Whisper. She’s going to be an associate of Safiyah Sohail’s, as well as pretty clearly based on the comic book character Whisper A’Daire. (No, you.)

Further, Nathan Owens (Devious Maids) will also be joining the show. He’ll be Ocean, “a zen gardner and thinker with a complicated past,” as Deadline says. The website also describes the character as a “loyal soldier and fighter.” Whether that means he’s an actual soldier or if that’s just personal details is unclear.

Batwoman season 2 will premiere in January, they insist. Will you watching? Tell us what you think on our social media or here in these comments.

featured image of Javicia Leslie via CBS

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