Andor Review Star Wars Show With An Amazing Finale
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Andor Star Wars, Review Of An Amazing Finale

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BY November 24, 2022

Let’s review Andor, the latest Star Wars live-action series that just finished, and this first season that recently ended was a resounding success. Fans were amazed to see how this character grows; little by little, he stands up against the Empire and becomes part of the Rebel Alliance.   

If you haven’t seen the series yet, we warn you that there will be spoilers in this article. In this Star Wars series, we see how the Empire gradually takes control, allowing certain freedoms and oppressing entire worlds and galaxies, leading many groups to rise up in isolation.

Which at first was not so much of a problem for the Empire. However, the season finale showed that all is not lost for freedom in the Galaxy. In reviewing Andor, we could see a different approach to other Star Wars products, which were more light-hearted and less pressure-packed. It seems that Tony Gilroy added an extra of his personal touch to this season.

Andor Star Wars, Review of an Amazing Finale

Kevin Smith Discusses Andor Image: Lucasfilm/Disney

We can note that Chapter 12, which sealed the end of Andor’s first season, ends with the funeral of his adoptive mother, Maarva Andor. This took place in Ferrix, which served as a screen for several important events for the Rebel Alliance—starting with the meeting of all the groups in opposition to the Empire.

The Andor review highlights that the Star Wars rebellion initially acted in isolation. Each element had different plots, unable to connect one to the other. However, in the end, Maarva Andor changed this with his death.

Before her death, Andor’s mother sent a message to all factions. The goal is to encourage the groups to unite to fight against the Empire. Her message touched the hearts of all involved, as they all attended her funeral to pay respect and organize the rebellion. 

Andor Season 2 Image: Lucasfilm/Disney

For his part, Andor did not go to his mother’s funeral because he knew there would be a trap for him in this event. Taking advantage of the oversights generated by the Empire by setting a trap for him. The Rebel initiated an escape by helping Bix escape from the planet, as was Maarva’s wish. 

Later we see his decision to join the resistance by desperately searching for their leader Luthen. Such is his conviction to help the rebel force that he instructs her to kill him or recruit him to fight against the Empire. The answer was obvious, and that was to recruit Andor so that he could help the group.

Not everything is rosy in this season finale. For a while, the Resistance was forming, and the Empire also took the opportunity to begin the construction of a weapon. This is the first death star, the one Luke Skywalker destroyed in Star Wars Part 4.

What We Can Expect for Season 2

Star Wars Andor Image via Disney+

After this excellent review, there are already some rumors about this second season of Star Wars Andor. We will likely see a more consolidated Rebel Alliance. That is looking for information on the vulnerable points of the death star. We could also see more movements and insurrections in this season.

One rumor that is present is the disappearance of Luthen from the scene, either by death or capture. It is because, in the Star Wars Rogue One movie, this character does not appear. This may imply that this one disappears at some point in the next saga we will have of this series.

We will likely see an Andor more focused on fighting against the Empire. We might even see encounters with Princess Leia. Also, sporadic appearances by Darth Vader, imposing his will and seeking to destroy any beginnings of a Resistance insurrection.

Disney Plus Andor Series Image:

We will see the development of the Death Star, including tests of this new weapon. It should be noted that this was presented in the design in Star Wars 3: Revenge of the Sith. When the plans are given to Vader, with the design of this battle station.

How much progress it will have cannot be predicted exactly, considering that Part IV it still needs to be finished. However, we will have to wait and see how much they adapt to the Star Wars plot or if they go off the temporary script and decide to make changes.

We will likely continue to see the same approach Tony Gilroy gave to the first season, showing his conviction to fight against fascism.  

Featured Image Via Disney+ 


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