Andor Season Two, New Images From A Clone Wars Character
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Andor Season Two Shows New Images From A Clone Wars Character

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BY April 18, 2023

The Star Wars franchise is exploding series on the Disney+ platform with hits like The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett. Another successful series was Andor, and Lucasfilm has already confirmed a season two that is currently in development. Now through an image, we have the revelation of a new character. 

However, he’s not the only character we see develop or appear in various productions in the franchise, from Grogu, Luke Skywalker himself, Ahsoka, the former apprentice of Anakin Skywalker and who will have her own series coming soon, reuniting with her master, but in her Sith version. Finally, a character from The Clone Wars will be in Andor season two.

Image Reveals a Main Character from The Clone Wars in Andor Season Two

A photo published by Dorset Live revealed the presence of Forest Whitaker’s Saw Gerrera. In the image, we can notice the film crew of the new series in a cave in Winspit Quarry. This one featured high security, suggesting that something important was happening at the time.

If you watched season one, you’ll recall that in episode 8 of Andor, Forest Whitaker’s Luthen Rael and Saw Gerrera met in that cave to discuss a raid they would be doing.

More specifically, Rael and Gerrera were discussing a possible action in a raid on the empire’s power plant. Rael offered to be the backup while Saw’s crew attacked the facility. The first interaction between the two characters occurred between April and May 2021.

Luthen, Saw Gurrera

Whitaker will reprise the role of Saw Gerrera that he initially played in the film Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. He had also played it in Star Wars Rebels. However, he had only used the voice on that occasion.

When this character first emerged, it was in the animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars that gave rise to new villains and heroes such as Ashoka and General Grievous.  

What Role Will Have Saw Guerrera in this Opportunity? 

Andor Season Two Image: Lucasfilm

Considering that Saw Guerrera is a key character in both the animated series and the actual productions, the question arises about what she will bring to Andor’s story this time. Many claims that it will give more depth and detail to the story of this member of the resistance and will be part of his real integration into this anti-imperial group.

In season one, we saw several epic locations from the franchise, so Andor season two will likely have a similar demeanor. So Gerrera’s cave will likely get a similar treatment, considering the importance of the location and that character.

We will likely see Saw’s previous actions before the events that occurred in Rogue One. This possibility takes force with statements from the production team that the plot of this second season will consume several years of Andor’s life in the rebel army.

In some cases, they comment that he could be a guide for Andor in season two. For others, he could be the inspiration for this rebel, considering he did not have so much affinity with this group in the first season. 

As for when exactly the Saw Gerrera character appears in Andor season two, we don’t know yet. We will likely know that answer in the season premiere or when all the chapters of this saga are on the Disney+ platform. We still need to find out the exact release date for Andor season two, but Lucasfilm announced it for 2024.     

Featured Image Via Lucasfilm 

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