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Andor Easter Eggs: Everything You Might’ve Missed

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BY November 29, 2022

Earlier this year, Disney aired the finale of Andor’s first season. For many fans of the Star Wars franchise, the TV spinoff was a triumph. In the show, we got to see the full extent of the Empire’s grip on the galaxy in a way we’ve never truly witnessed before. Unlike other aspects of this franchise, Andor has no connection to the Jedi or the Skywalkers. Instead, the writers chose to focus on ordinary people dealing with the oppression of the Empire. Tony Gilroy, the creator, moved away from fan service to deliver a full Star Wars experience unlike any others in the franchise. However, there were several Andor easter eggs they included for eagle-eyed fans.

In fact, Gilroy described himself as a “non-superfan,” which is one of the main reasons why the storyline isn’t continuity heavy. Plus, being a spy thriller means the show’s stakes are very different to anything Lucasfilm has previously shown. Even so, there are some hidden references for any superfans to point out and gush over. Naturally, there are spoilers for the show, so don’t keep reading if you haven’t watched all 12 episodes yet!

For example, one of the Andor easter eggs was the vehicle the titular character uses. This is a WTK-85A interstellar transport we first saw in The Force Awakens. In this film, the ship and its passengers abandon Rey in her nightmares. In Andor, Diego Luna‘s character Cassian Andor uses this vehicle to escape Morlana One. 

Similarly, we briefly see some Low Altitude Assault Transports, or LAATs, invading Cassian’s homeworld, Kenari. Originally, they first appeared in Attack of the Clones. So, including them here shows the effect of the Clone Wars on the rest of the galaxy, not just Jedi worlds.

Andor and Rogue One 

Andor Easter Eggs Image: Lucasfilm/Disney

Originally, Cassian Andor appeared in the Star Wars prequel and spinoff film Rogue One. In the film, Andor rescues Felicity Jones’s character, Jyn Erso, from prison on the planet Wobani. But, in the show’s first episode, some Andor easter eggs foreshadow this moment. Namely, one of the characters asks Andor if he’s been to Wobani, and Andor answers that he hasn’t. Later, they also refer to Scarif, where Andor and Erso ultimately sacrifice themselves for the Rebellion. It’s a nice little reference!

Additionally, there’s also another reference to a planet in the show. When Andor lies about his origins, he claims to be from a planet named Fest. This might sound like a throwaway name, but it’s an important part of the canon. It first appeared in the Legends canon once Disney took over before becoming canon in the Rogue One sourcebook. Any fans of the video game Dark Forces will recognise Fest as a planet with an Imperial base!

Also, plenty of other Andor easter eggs reference similar video games. For example, Rael speaks about “the uprising against the Rakatan invaders.” In the Knights of the Old Republic, the Ratakan were a species that slaughtered many others in the galaxy. This was over 30,000 years before the Skywalker saga. Perhaps it could signal that the game’s events will become canon in the Disney version of Star Wars. 

Similarly, we see Rebellion leader Mon Mothma’s daughter, Lieda, for the first time. She first appeared in the Legends continuity with the Dark Empire sourcebook. So, many of these Andor easter eggs seem to bring some aspects of Legends into the Disney canon.

Star Wars Easter Eggs

Andor Easter Eggs Image: Lucasfilm/Disney

If that wasn’t enough, the writers even referenced other franchises with the Andor easter eggs! For example, in Luthen Rael’s collection of artefacts, we see Sith and Jedi holocrons. Additionally, there’s also the Sankara Stones, which appeared in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. What on earth are they doing in Star Wars?!

There are also links to other Star Wars TV shows, like The Bad Batch. In the show, we saw a Stormtrooper who left the Empire to join the Resistance. They are one of the first non-clone Stormtroopers working for the Empire. Originally, we saw the Empire begin to change its soldiers in The Bad Batch. 

Clearly, there are a ton of Andor easter eggs, and we love how the writers have included them. Which one was your favourite? Did you spot any other ones? Let us know in the comments below!

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